'Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta': Stevie J's daughter attempts to claw Erica Mena

'Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta': Stevie J's daughter attempts to claw Erica Mena
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The backdrop of tonight's episode of ‘Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta’ will have the Stevie J vs Erica Mena saga playing out while another drama unfolds, leaving viewers on the edge. To sum it up, the episode won't be a disappointment at all, as it brings more beef on the table. It begins with Tokyo Vanity delivering a killer performance but what’s her reward? Tabius and Keely. While Tabius shows up backstage to win her back, he's not alone; Keely shows up with him - Tokyo Vanity’s nightmare - probably not a wise decision by him.

Of course, Tokyo demands that they disappear from her visual spectrum; however it was a surprise to Keely leave without creating a scene, but Tabius sticks around to win back her heart. But she doesn’t seem to be in the mood for his nonsense and tells him that it’s over. The punch of her words was augmented with a flying bouquet slamming him.

But turns out a bouquet toss is no longer code for: It’s officially over! With a little help from Sierra and Tabius’ sincerity, Tokyo begins to consider giving him another chance. She plays it cool and says she’ll think about meeting him for dinner. Any bets on whether she’s going to go or not?


Switching tracks a little, Kirk’s daughter, Kelsie, lays a trap out for him to finally meet his son, Kannon. And right on cue, enters Jasmine with Kirk’s adorable son. The rendezvous actually turns out to be rather heartwarming event; and ends with Kirk resolving to be a better father.


On the other hand, Pressed is doing really well, so Rasheeda is happy. And she admits to taking Kirk back for real this time. But then Instagram does its trick, and she realizes Kirk was out to meet his son, Kannon. She’s fake annoyed for not being told about this meeting but calms down quickly once he tells her how Kelsie set the whole thing up.

Kirk also suggests the idea of Kannon meeting his siblings and Rasheeda is all up for it as long as she doesn’t have to deal with Jasmine. It’s still remarkable how she can stand Kirk.

In other news, Sierra and Shooter finalize their divorce. Back to the prime conflict of the episode: The one where Stevie called Erica Mena’s son a certain gay slur and allegedly attacked her. The verdict of this conflict is finally reached in this episode. Erica’s calls have left Stevie conflicted.


Erica Mena sent Stevie a rather crazy DM, and so he definitely wasn’t in the most pleasant mood when she showed up for Estelita. Later, Stevie’s daughter, Savannah, takes her claws out to strike Erica for writing the offensive DM to her father. Before things get real, the 'Love and Hip-Hop' security shuts it down. The conflict does not end here.

Just then, Brittany makes an entrance to fight her own battles: one with Stevie for forcing her to sign a contract with him and another with Erica and Estelita for ruining her showcase in Houston. Before another violent fight ensues between Estelita, Erica and Brittany, security steps in once again.

Stevie is still pissed about Erica, so he decides to turn up the heat an call Rich Dollaz, who happens to have messed with Erica quite a bit, so he knows exactly how her peculiar mind works. What drama will ensue in the next episode only time will tell.


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 Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta Stevie J's daughter attempts to claw Erica Mena