'Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ star Tommie Lee arrested AGAIN for disorderly conduct while under the influence

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ star Tommie Lee struck a valet person in the head. Though he did not want to press charges, she was still arrested for disorderly conduct under influence.

                            'Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ star Tommie Lee arrested AGAIN for disorderly conduct while under the influence
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‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ star Tommie Lee has managed to get herself in trouble with the law yet again. According to TMZ, she created a quite a scene outside the Royal Peacock club in the early hours of July 9. The incident occurred after a cop requested Tommie to move off the street where he was directing traffic. She allegedly ignored the cops and unleashed her aggressive side and began to argue with the cops.

At the epitome of her belligerence she struck a valet person on the head. At this point, the cops stepped in and began to cuff her. To the sound of Tommie yelling, "Tell me what I did," the cops took her away for disorderly conduct while under the influence, despite the fact that the valet did not wish to press charges.

It is still unknown what the cops believe she was on, but if it is alcohol, Tommie is going to have to prepare herself for time behind bars. In May, the court ordered the reality TV star wear a SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring device as a bail condition that originated from her 2016 DUI case and her alleged employee attack case. The monthly cost of the device costs around $400-500, which Tommie has to pay from her pocket. The device tracks the wearers alcohol consumption every 30 minutes via sweat. The court has also ordered her to refrain from consuming any alcohol until her cases reaches a resolution.

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The mall employee incident occurred earlier this year in February. Tommie was charged with battery with substantial harm by the Solicitor General's Office for allegedly beating an Atlanta mall employee, TMZ reported. The incident occurred in the Henri Bendel store in Atlanta's Lenox Square mall.

An employee named Daniella was assisting Tommie with her jewelry shopping when suddenly it seemed like a quarrel broke out between the two. According to the police, surveillance cameras showcase Tommie giving Daniella a piece of her mind and even slapping and punching her multiple times.

According to sources, Tommie began acting rude while shopping and turned aggressive when Daniella tried to call her out on her behavior. The store manager was the one who broke them apart and handled the situation. The cops even mentioned that according to the store manager, Tommie (and the friend she was with) visited their store fairly often and even tried to steal from them a couple of times.

As for her DUI case, it took place back in 2016, when she was driving under the influence and quickly switched with the friend when the cops pulled them over. When she refused to come out of the backseat, the cops dragged her out and cuffed her, arresting her for drunk driving, disorderly conduct and driving on an expired license, reported TMZ.