'Love Alarm' needs a season 2 to answer who Kim Jojo chooses between Hye-young and Sun-oh and how it will affect the besties

'Love Alarm' season 2 has not been announced officially yet, however, the show's cliff hanger ending begs for a second season

                            'Love Alarm' needs a season 2 to answer who Kim Jojo chooses between Hye-young and Sun-oh and how it will affect the besties

'Love Alarm', Netflix's latest original Korean Drama, after 'My First First Love' season 1 and 2, offers a unique perspective into the lives of young adults who grow up under the influence of technology. Technology that would adversely affect the mental health of an entire generation by really showing them how loved they are.

The app Love Alarm and how it affects the lives of three teenagers Kim Jojo (Kim So-hyun), Hye-young (Jung Ga-ram), and Sun-oh (Song Kang) forms the crux of the plot. Towards the end of season 1, we saw best friends Hye-young and Sun-oh get tangled in a love affair with Jojo. While Sun-oh and Jojo fell in love when they were in high school, due to an interesting turn of events, they break up. 

A still of Sun-oh from 'Love Alarm'. (Source: Netflix screenshot)

After a few years, even as Jojo tries hard to get herself through college, Hye-young, who has always been in love with Jojo feels it is time for him to approach her and for once tell her how he has felt since they went to school together. Jojo decided she would never love anyone after she faced a period of time away from Sun-oh. She was forlorn and the resulting heartbreak was too much for her, so she decided to not put herself through the same again.

However, she is now clearly attracted to Hye-young because of the comfort that he would provide her, versus the exciting thrill that she had felt with Sun-oh. Despite being told she might never be able to ring Hye-young's 'Love Alarm', he feels that his love would be enough for both of them. Sadly, because of a shield that she had added to her Love Alarm when she went through her phase of heartbreak over Sun-oh, she is unable to now differentiate between her feelings for Hye-young or Sun-oh. 

A still of Kim Jojo in 'Love Alarm'. (Source: Netflix screenshot)

In the end, we saw Jojo realize she needs to remove the shield to know the truth about her feelings. However, the only person who can help her in removing the shield is the developer of the app himself.

Unfortunately, no one really knows the identity of the developer, but Jojo might have a clue after she received the shield from him. So, during the launch event of Love Alarm 2.0. Jojo hopes to meet the developer in person and get the shield removed.

Another interesting fact is that Jojo is an anonymous visual artist who has become very popular on the 'Love Alarm' app and has quite a few followers. So, she is invited to the launch event of Love Alarm 2.0 where she might get a chance to meet the developer of the app and get the shield removed from her account.

However, will she meet him or would she have to choose between Hye-young and Sun-oh before is a question that we are left to grapple with at the finale of season 1. She is literally stuck between the two of them before she can face the developer. With Hye-young on one side and Sun-oh on the other, Jojo stands between them as the shot zooms out and the season comes to an end.


A screenshot from the finale of 'Love Alarm'. (Source: Netflix)

Her app rings with two hearts - one each for Hye-young and Sun-oh - and as the shot zoomed out, the finale came to end. This cliffhanger of an ending deserves a follow-up season which will answer all our questions. How was Love Alarm created, who will Kim Jojo choose between Hye-young and Sun-oh and how will her choice affect the relationship of the best friends who have lived through everything harsh and happy that life threw at them?

We will also see how the supporting characters, especially that of Jojo's cousin Park Geul-mi (Go Min-shi) reacts to who founded the app. The fact that the developer had confessed his feelings to her in school, which she had walked over because he was not up to her standards will play quite heavily in the coming season as well since she hopes that the developer of the app could fall in love with her, change her fate and take her away from the life she is struggling through every day. 

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