'Love After Lockup' Season 3: Meet the 7 couples who will brave bluff, drama for a new life in WeTV docuseries

The pairs will internalize the answers about their dark past, love and marriage as they pave the road to the altar

                            'Love After Lockup' Season 3: Meet the 7 couples who will brave bluff, drama for a new life in WeTV docuseries
John, Kristianna (We TV)

We TV is all set to return with 'Love After Lockup.' The docuseries is in its third season and this time too, it will be following seven couples and how they experience life and relationships after being separated from the real world for years. Will their dark past catch up to them? Will their love survive? Will they get married? The pairs will internalize the answers to these important questions as they pave the road to the altar. 

Jessica and Maurice

Maurice and Jessica (We TV)

Jessica and Maurice are in love. At least Jessica is. And you can tell by the way she tries to convince her parents that Maurice is good for her and is not the conman the folks picture him to be. As parents, it's natural for them to be worried to safety and happiness of their child but Jessica assures them that they are meant to be. Jessica came across Maurice on the 'Plenty of Fish' dating app and realized later that he is an inmate.

They dated for a short while before Maurice went down on one knee and proposed to Jessica. She didn't take the time to respond. Jessica said "yes" immediately and there's been no looking back for them since. They tied the knot in prison and are hoping for a lavish Vegas wedding once Maurice has been released. 

Shawn and Destinie

Shawn and Destinie (We TV)

Theirs is tricky love. Shawn and Destinie have never met in person in the nine months that they have been dating each other. They talk twice a day. And that is what worries Shawn's friend who warns him that Destinie might be catfishing her and that he is soon going to get robbed. Shawn's darkest fears come true when he learns of Destinie's past and how she has been in and out of prison. He loves her deeply and is willing to put at risk $50,000 to get her out on bail. 

John and Kristianna

Kristianna and John (We TV)


"I was engaged twice and married four times," says John in his introductory video as he elaborates how frustrating those relationships were and how they ended in bitterness. But, he finally found peace with Kristianna, whom he met on a prison dating site and has been with her for three months now. Kristianna was put behind bars for burglary and parole violation. 

Scott and Lindsey

Scott and Lindsey (We TV)

Scott, 51, and Lindsey, 27, are definitely not a match made in heaven. At least that is what fans have to say. Scott is busy doing up his and Lindsey's future home while she is making plans to settle down, have "a big house and a big ring." Viewers are calling her a "gold digger" and Scott as a "sugar daddy." Is she with Scott only for the money and secure future for her daughter? Time will tell.

Tyrice and Chanda

Chanda and Tyrice (We TV)

Tyrice is pushing 50 and is in love with Chanda, 28, whom he believes doesn't play games on the outside. They have been prison pen pals through a website and although it appears they can pull through, Tyrice's three children don't trust Chanda one bit. How will he convince them and more importantly, will Chanda be willing to put herself into something this intense?

Shavel and Quaylon

Shavel and Quaylon (We TV)

Shavel doesn't want to give her five-year-old daughter a life without a father. Her biological father is missing in action. It's up to Quaylon now to decide how he handles the challenge thrown at him. Fresh out of prison and that too after a decade, it's going to be tough to take on major responsibilities. Will he be accepting of the situation? Time will tell. Shavel and Quaylon have dated over two years and are looking forward to spend some quality time together. 

Heather and Dylan

Heather and Dylan (We TV)

Not much is known about their story except they met at a party some five years ago and have been going strong since. Heather has a temper and that is something to watch out for and could be a cause of worry in their relationship.

Tune in to We TV to catch the premiere of 'Love After Lockup' on Friday, July 17.

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