'Love After Lockup': Will Heather's hasty decision to leave her aunt's home put Dylan back in prison?

Heather was annoyed because Dylan was chatting with her aunt and not spending time with her

                            'Love After Lockup': Will Heather's hasty decision to leave her aunt's home put Dylan back in prison?
Dylan, Heather (WE tv)

Heather and Dylan's relationship went from being amazing to bitter in a matter of hours. It started with them arriving at her aunt's house when he got to chatting with Heather's two aunts. He was more than happy to share with them his personal details, family background, and such, but Heather was getting increasingly impatient.

In the five years of dating, Heather and Dylan have never got intimate and that's also because he was locked up all of those five years. But now, Heather is ready to take their relationship to the next level. She was hoping they'd get some alone time together once he's out of prison but sadly that got pushed.

Heather loves Dylan, there's not a shadow of doubt about it, but maybe she needs to tone it down a little because we all saw what went down at her aunt's home, which is also supposed to be the address Dylan's parole officer has been given. Dylan's parole isn't going to be easy, as it's two-years-long and his parole officer will check up on him every month.

Heather kept waiting for Dylan to come to her so that they could share a few moments of love but when that didn't happen, she walked to the living room to announce that she wasn't feeling well and wanted to lie down for a bit. Dylan followed her to the bedroom so that he could look after her but he was surprised when she said that he didn't spend time with her ever since they set foot in her aunt's home. 

During the confessional, Dylan shared that he was a little taken aback by Heather's approach to the situation because her aunts were welcoming and warm knowing that he was a felon and that their address would be used for his parole inspection. He was stunned that she was not being grateful to them. 

After a minor argument, they decide to leave her aunt's house. What if Heather doesn't want to return again? What happens to his parole inspection? Time will tell. But if he violates his parole, he may have to go back to prison. 

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