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'Love After Lockup': Heather says she never had sex with Dylan, fans say 'he looks gay'

'Also... Dylan is definitely giving gay! Stop playing in our faces, Heather!' a fan commented
Dylan, Heather (We TV)
Dylan, Heather (We TV)

Seven episodes in and viewers are introduced to Heather and Dylan in 'Love After Lockup.' They met via a common friend. Heather bumped into Dylan in a washroom at his party, where she went with a friend. Dylan was taking a shower when they first met. 

Even though he was incarcerated (for selling ecstasy to an undercover cop) shortly after they started dating, Heather has continued to be in touch with him, visit him in the prison every weekend for five years. And now that Dylan is ready to be released from captivity, she is ready to "touch him and lay with him, give him a bath and just cook food for him." "Yes, very excited," Heather added. 

Heather and Dylan are not married but in their "minds" they are. He has been addressing him as his wife from the beginning of their relationship. But they have never had sex. And so, she decided to go lingerie and sex toys shopping. It's evident she wants Dylan's first few days out of prison to be special because that's how he made him feel when he was a free man. 

"When I started talking to Dylan, I was like the best thing ever. Like he can speak to parts of me in ways that nobody else has ever been able to," Heather shared during her confessional as she smiled and added that she felt like a "goddess". 

But fans have a theory as to why the relationship may not work. They think he is gay. "Also... Dylan is definitely giving gay! Stop playing in our faces, Heather! #LoveAfterLockup," a fan commented, while another shared: "Dylan looks gay. #loveafterlockup."



"Sorry girl Dylan looks gay #loveafterlockup @loveafterlockup_wetv," a user tweeted. "Heather just said her (sic) and Dylan are "married in their minds". I'm sure this is gonna go well. #LoveAfterLockup," another expressed.



Here's hoping Heather is not in any kind of surprise and she is able to start her happily ever after with Dylan. Catch all the new episodes of 'Love After Lockup' every Friday on We TV at 9/8c. For more information, check your local listings.