'Love After Lockup': After Scott, fans make fun of Shawn's lips as they ask 'is it a disorder or a mustache?'

In this week's episode of 'Love After Lockup,' Shawn and Destinie met for the first time since they started dating nine months ago

                            'Love After Lockup': After Scott, fans make fun of Shawn's lips as they ask 'is it a disorder or a mustache?'
Shawn (We TV)

Shawn has been warned enough number of times about Destinie catfishing him. They have never met each other in the nine months they have dated each other but his love for her is unmatched. Despite being discouraged by his family and friends, he continued to show immense faith in her.

This couple's storyline is easily one of the most intriguing of all as it has a lot of room for drama and suspense. Oddly enough, fans were drawn towards a totally different aspect -- Shawn's lips. 

Ever since 'Lock After Lockup' aired on Friday night (July 31), there's an ongoing discussion on social media where fans have been trying to guess why Shawn's lips look the way they do. One asked if he has a Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS), while a few others thought there was something off about his lips and the area above it, but couldn't put a finger on it. 

"#LoveAfterLockup I can't get over what's going on with Shawn's lip. Is he an FAS baby? BC tragic if so," a fan commented, to which another responded: "I was thinking that about the guy with the 6 kids."


"How does Shawn lip blend into mustache area like that and it's red AF wtf !?? Ew #LoveAfterLockup," a user tweeted, another expressed: "My fault Shawn. Thought you said 'Rob' but your lips move funny #LoveAfterLockup."




"Is that a mustache that Shawn has?  #LoveAfterLockup," a viewer pointed. 


Interestingly, Shawn is not the only one who has been pulled up for having different looking lips. Scott too had the viewers' attention with his red, puckered up lips. Even then, there was a debate on whether Scott had a disease or had undergone corrective surgery. 

In other news, Shawn met with Destinie and his worst fears didn't come true. People close to him tried convincing him that Destinie was bad news and was only going after her money. But, when they met for the first time, he realized how wrong everyone has been about her. Sure, she has put on a few extra kilos, but Shawn says: "I can make an exception." 

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