'Love After Lockup': Is Shawn ready to neglect his six kids and spend money on Destinie instead?

'Love After Lockup': Is Shawn ready to neglect his six kids and spend money on Destinie instead?
Shawn and Destinie (We TV)

'Love After Lockup' Season 3 got off to a controversial start. The couples and their history together have raised concerns among fans. One of them is Shawn and Destinie. They may love each other but her criminal records are not giving off a positive vibe. 

Much like fans, Shawn's friend, Edgar, is concerned about their future and worried if he is being catfished. Shawn and Destinie have never met each other in the nine months that they have dated and yet, he is willing to put a lot of money at risk just to see the love of his life. After a quick chat with her on the phone about her release, he meets up with a bail bondsman trying to figure out how Destinie can be out of prison soon.  

Given her past records, and how she has been in and out of prison for multiple felonies and revoking court orders, the agent warns him that if she fails to appear at the court or follow instructions then he may have to cough up $50,000 as a penalty. He has already shelled $35,000 on her. After what Edgar told him (that he is being conned by Destinie) and the bail bondsman warned him about, Shawn is uncertain. However, he is more than willing to put a lot at stake just to be with Destinie. There's a lot of love involved here but the question is, will he be loved back? 

Shawn is father to six children and even though he says he "makes good money", raising that many kids is expensive and requires a steady flow of income. And if he continues to indulge Destinie and spend money on her, there may not be enough left for his kids, worried fans discussed. "Shawn sent Destinie $35,000 dollars when he has SIX kids to support? #loveafterlockup," a viewer asked, while another shared: "Shawn you spent 35,000 dollars on an inmate who won't see you and you have 6 kids! #LoveAfterLockup."

"Shawn has 6 kids and sent Destinie $35,000..That doesn't make sense to me. #LoveAfterLockup," a user pointed out. Catch all the new episodes of 'Love After Lockup' on We TV every Friday.

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