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'Love After Lockup': Fans wonder if Lindsey trusts stranger Scott with her daughter only because he has money

'Just so we’re clear — Lindsey has never met Scott but he spends time in person with her young daughter #LoveAfterLockup,' a fan commented
Scott and Lindsey (We TV)
Scott and Lindsey (We TV)

Scott and Lindsey are all set to be one of the most controversial couples of 'Love After Lockup.' They may tell the world they are in love and all set for a "happily ever after" but something doesn't feel right, at least that is what the fans seem to think. 

Lindsey has a daughter and Scott takes care of her. In an ideal world, that wouldn't seem like a weird thing to do but the couple hasn't met each other since they started dating and Lindsey trusts him with her daughter? That is something the viewers want answers to. They are surprised and their comments implied that Lindsey endangered her daughter's safety by believing in a stranger. 

"Wait! What?? Scott is taking care of Lindsey’s daughter, her mom AND kicking it w 15 - 20k cash?!? And he hasn’t met her yet?!? We all need a Scott #LoveAfterLockup," Dr Ish Major tweeted, to which several users commented that Scott was being used. "Just so we’re clear — Lindsey has never met Scott but he spends time in person with her young daughter #LoveAfterLockup," a fan expressed, while another shared: "I thought the same! She's in prison letting men she's never met in person spend time with her daughter #LoveAfterLockup."

"I mean obviously these prisoners haven't made the best choices but Lindsey just trusts a literal stranger with her daughter?" a viewer asked. Meanwhile, Scott is feeling upbeat about doing up his and Lindsey's future home together. He even hired an interior designer. He moved cities to be with her and that should mean something. He's not taking any of what is happening to him lightly and is ready for the next step in his life.

While Scott prepares for the next move, Lindsey makes grand plans after she is released from prison. She wants a "big house and a big ring" and is looking at settling down, securing a future for her daughter. Clearly, Lindsey has everything planned but will it work in her favor? Only time will tell. 

For now, fans think she's in it for the money and there are no real feelings involved. While Lindsey has been branded a "gold digger", Scott is being called a "sugar daddy". Here's hoping the couple is able to quash all the rumors and prove the viewers wrong in the coming weeks. Catch all the new episodes of 'Love After Lockup' on We TV every Friday.