'Love After Lockup': Jessica's parents worry about her dating 'dream guy' Maurice, fans call them racist

Fans think her parents are averse to Maurice because he is a black man who is serving time in prison

                            'Love After Lockup': Jessica's parents worry about her dating 'dream guy' Maurice, fans call them racist
Maurice, Jessica (We TV)

'Love After Lockup' Season 3 is all about braving shocking firsts and exploring an existing relationship in the hope of finding some semblance of peace and happiness. But in Jessica and Maurice's case, that may not be possible because her love story is met with extreme uncertainty. And what makes it worse is it comes from her parents who seem to approve of her relationship but are not fully convinced that he may be the right choice. 

As they sit down to have a chat about Maurice and how she will be meeting him soon after he releases from prison, Jessica finds out that her father thinks that Maurice is in it for the money and may eventually con her. They are worried as any parent would be. But does that make them racist? Fans certainly seem to think so.

Maurice is a black man serving time (7 years in total) for first-degree burglary and he and Jessica have been dating for four-and-a-half years. Despite her parents' opinions about Maurice, Jessica wants to believe the best in him and calls him her "dream guy". During one of her green-room interviews, she says how he has a nine-year-old daughter and that is why he needs to be a good man and he is one. 

"I want to believe that Jessica’s parents not liking this young man because he has served quite a few years in prison but umm they give a vibe," a viewer commented, while another shared: "They are giving STRONG racist vibes." One more said, "Facts but then being a Prisoner on top of being black." Another said, "They might be racist who knows but what they need to worry about is their daughters choices." Another fan said, "They are racist. You Envision them dating within their race."

Whatever the case may be, here's hoping Jessica is able to convince her parents to see Maurice for who he is. She even tells them: "what does one do when one is in love?" which goes to show how invested she is in their relationship. But this has also cost her a very dear relationship. Jessica's sister has cut off all ties ever since she started dating Maurice. 

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