'Love After Lockup': Are Shawn and Destinie still together? Reports say she has a new man in life

Shawn is all set to propose to Destinie in the show, but will she reciprocate his feelings for her?

                            'Love After Lockup': Are Shawn and Destinie still together? Reports say she has a new man in life
Destinie, Shawn (WE tv)

Shawn and Destinie's relationship is nearing its end. In last week's episode of 'Love After Lockup', we saw Destinie break down after the court announced that the DA will be filing fresh charges and that could put her behind the bars at least for seven years. This was a huge blow to Shawn, who had been planning on settling down with her. He knew Destinie being sent back to prison was always a possibility but didn't want to give up on his love for her. But will she return his feelings?

Naturally, Destinie was caught up dealing with the unexpected news that she may have to go back to jail. She wanted to be left alone in her own space, but Shawn wanted her to see things in a different light and the fact that all's not lost. He took her on a river walk and as they toured the area, he got down on one knee to propose to her but not before he has expressed how much she meant to her. "You're my world," he said. Will Destinie accept his love and be willing to marry him given her current situation?

A Soapdirt report from September 2020 claims that Destinie and Shawn are no longer together and that she has a new man in her life. The publication has obtained a picture of her cozying up with her new beau, which has the words "always, forever" edited into it. At this point, nothing can be confirmed because the network has not announced the new development in her life and also, Destinie's Instagram handle is private so there's no way to find out the truth.

However, coming back to 'Love After Lockup', from the preview clip it seemed that this week is going to be a tough one for the couple and Shawn's former partner Kelly. Shawn and Kelly has six kids together, and they have been co-parenting since forever. But that didn't sit well with Destinie and the day she figured out that they were still in touch, she decided to leave his house. Let's hope the three of them are able to iron out their differences peacefully. 

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