'Love After Lockup' Season 2: Marcelino needs to set his pride aside and start providing for his family, say fans

In Episode 2, Brittany asks Marcelino to get a regular paying job rather than just playing poker to provide for their baby

                            'Love After Lockup' Season 2: Marcelino needs to set his pride aside and start providing for his family, say fans
Marcelino (We Tv)

'Love After Lockup' Season 2 returned to our screens on Friday night with an all-new episode and this time things are heating up for Brittany and Marcelino who have a baby on the way, 

Last week, when the series premiered, we got to know that the couple had gone to get an ultrasound but chose not to find out the baby's gender.

This week, 29-year-old Brittany reveals that she wants Marcelino to get a regular paying job, rather than just playing poker to provide for their baby. She adds that because she has been to prison, it isn't easy for her to get a job, so it is he who needs to step up. 

41-year-old Marcelino is a poker player who believes that he is the best and likes to take chances. Especially because he doesn't want to work under people who are in their 20s and take orders from them. 

But Brittany, on the other side, had a valid argument when she shared that with him just playing poker, they will not be able to take care of the baby and pay the lawyer's bill that is currently over $30,000.

The lawyer's expenses started after Marcelino went over to Brittany's ex's house last season to get full custody of her and her ex's son who he had been taking care of for over a year. After the duo got into a fight last season, they now have to pay the attorney in order to win the on-going case. 

Brittany reveals that she wants him to stop making excuses and go get a real job.

Marcelino finally decides to listen to her and goes to attend an interview with a work recruiter. He reveals that he has a bachelor's and master's degree, along with a couple of years doing some modeling and appearing in videos. Apart from that, the 41-year-old has no other work experience, other than him gambling. 

Wanting to get a job somewhere in the educational front, the only thing Marcelino could keep talking about is playing poker. The recruiter who shared that Marcelino has an "overinflated value" of himself needs to step back and decide what he wants because he isn't going to give him a job when he might just quit anytime to get back to playing poker. 

Taking to Twitter post this episode, fans and viewers claim that Marcelino needs to put his pride aside and get a regular job because it is his fault they even have to pay so much to a lawyer. 

"Marcelino, put your pride aside and provide for your family," a fan wrote. Adding to that another said, "#loveafterlockup guess what Marcelino... when you start bringing children into the world and fighting people for their children you lose the right to refuse getting a job so you can gamble." 

"I think Marcelino has an over-inflated value of himself." Mr. Recruiter, you just summed up Marcelino's last two seasons of #LoveAfterLockup!," shared a fan. While another wrote, "Marcelino we out here rooting for you and you don't really want to work and living delusional dreams." 

"Marcelino, you round here making all these babies and refuse to get a job to take care of them?" wrote a fan. 

'Love After Lockup' season 2 airs every Friday night only on WeTv. Check your local listings for more information.

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