'Life After Lockup': Andrea gives Lamar an ultimatum for divorce, fans call her ungrateful and selfish

'Life After Lockup': Andrea gives Lamar an ultimatum for divorce, fans call her  ungrateful and selfish
Andrea (WeTv)

'Life After Lockup' returned on Friday night, and things aren't going well right now for Lamar and Andrea after she tells him she wants a divorce. 

Andrea and Lamar's relationship has been complicated right from the start. Earlier when the season premiered, we saw Andrea open up to her friends that she and Lamar had sex in the prison closet and that's how she got pregnant with her youngest daughter. After Lamar was released from prison and was in California, she was on one leg trying to get him to move to Utah to stay with her and the kids. 

When that didn't go well, she decided to move to California for two years just to test waters. Now out on a date with Lamar, Andrea brought out the issue of him spending too much time with his brother and not her. She brings up an ultimatum, revealing if Lamar doesn't spend more time with her and moves to Utah, she will file for divorce. 

Lamar reveals that he doesn't spend more than a couple of hours with his brother, because of work and spends more time with his kids. Lamar is shocked by her decision and wants their relationship to work. But that does not help with Andrea's decision. 


Taking to Twitter post the episode, fans affirm Andrea is selfish and ungrateful. Some also added that Lamar deserves someone better than her. "Oh now you about a divorce?! You are seriously super selfish Andrea. I guess you’re the only person married. Did You tell him to find someone else?! Huh? #LifeAfterLockUp #LoveAfterLockUp," a fan wrote. 

"Wow, there are some delusional people on #loveafterlockup but that Andrea may be their queen. She is just crazy," a fan shared. While another added, "#loveafterlockup Andrea dont understand how blessed she is to have a man like Lamar. Shes selfish and refused to see and understand what hes trying to say." 

"I’m team Baby Knuck. Andrea is unrealistic and selfish. She is not LISTENING to him," a fan wrote. Adding to that another said, "Andrea this man is NOT moving to Utah and becoming an Mormon for you, crazy! Trying to threaten divorce as a manipulation tactic isn't going to work. #LoveAfterLockup #LifeAfterLockup." 


'Life After Lockup' airs every Friday night only on WeTv. Check your local listings for more information. 

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