Louisiana sheriff’s deputy fired after forcing mother to perform sex act on her 1-year-old son and filming it

According to multiple reports, St. Gabriel Police arrested Shadrick Jones on Friday on multiple charges including principal to first-degree rape.

                            Louisiana sheriff’s deputy fired after forcing mother to perform sex act on her 1-year-old son and filming it

A deputy has been fired from the Iberville Parish Sheriff's Office after he was arrested for filming the rape of a one-year-old baby. Shadrick Jones of Port Allen recorded the rape of the baby boy while still wearing his police uniform, St. Gabriel Police Chief Kevin Ambeau said.

"For someone to have that type of fantasy, he's a sick individual," said Ambeau, KLFY reported.

A GPS tracking device placed Jones's police unit at the scene of the crime at 3 pm on June 6, authorities said, and the incident reportedly occurred around 4.30 pm - thirty minutes after the former deputy's shift ended.

The child's mother Iyehesa Todd, 26, was arrested Saturday on a charge of first-degree rape and incest. However, she told police Jones forced her to perform oral sex on her son if she wanted to avoid being arrested for failure to appear in court on a traffic violation.


"It's sickening to my stomach," said Ambeau.

From left to right: Shadrick Jones, 33, and Iyehesa Todd, 26, are seen in photos released by the Saint Gabriel Police Department in Louisiana. (Saint Gabriel Police Department)


Before working as a deputy for the Iberville Parish Sheriff's Office, Jones was a deputy with the West Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office. 

According to authorities, the video of the sick incident spans two minutes and was found on Jones' personal phone. While police did not confiscate the device, they were able to confirm the footage belonged to Jones.

According to police, Jones's last shift with the department was on June 7, but he told his boss he would not make it to work due to a family emergency. Subsequently, Jones called Todd's cell phone, which Ambeau said is now in police custody.

"I have 30 years experience and this is the worst (crime) I've seen," said Ambeau, adding his department, which works closely with the Iberville Parish Sheriff's Office, is in complete shock and disbelief over the horrific incident.


In a conversation with NBC Local 33, Ambeau was asked if this incident will diminish the public's faith in law enforcement. 

"You've got more [good] officers than you've got bad... who are willing to protect and serve," he said in response.

Jones was remanded in custody at the Iberville Parish Sheriff's Office on charges of pornography with Juvenile, principal to 1st-degree rape, and malfeasance in office. He was arrested at around 11 pm in Port Allen on June 7.

Ambeau said he they are also seeking prosecution at the federal level as the state can sometimes be "too lenient."

"He's disgusting to the badge," he said of Jones, KLFY reported