'LOUD': Psy and Park Jin-young to launch 2 K-pop boy bands, here's the eligibility criteria and how to audition

'LOUD': Psy and Park Jin-young to launch 2 K-pop boy bands, here's the eligibility criteria and how to audition
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The glamourous K-pop industry is ever-alluring, even as thousands of teens audition to become a trainee every year, but only a handpicked few can crack the peer pressure associated with the auditions to enter a group. To make millions of teenage dreams true, a brand new project has been launched by P Nation’s Psy and JYP entertainment’s CEO Park Jin Young, in collaboration with SBS.

A report on November 2, revealed that the duo will be launching auditions for two new boy groups through a brand new SBS survival program called ‘LOUD’. The show intends to create two worldwide boy groups representing diversity and different colors of the groups as their tagline says, “Quiet people have the loudest minds.”

As a bonus, the audition program will be open to not just singers and dancers but to anyone who shares an interest in composing lyrics, playing musical instruments, or other artistic abilities. To download the audition form, click here.

Eligibility criteria

The audition is open to any male teenager who can dance, sing, rap, compose lyrics or play any musical instruments. Plus those who love to show magic or practice any performative art form can apply for the auditions as well. They have to be born after the year 2000 regardless of nationality.

How to apply?

To apply for LOUD, download the audition form the official website. Make a short video within 2 minutes to show your talent. If you wish to show more than one talent, you can upload up to three videos with the application. Another self-introduction video of 30 seconds should be added which has been shot under bright lighting preferably near a window, focusing the camera on the upper body, this will not be counted with the talent videos. You also need to attach a self-portrait with the application. Send all the attached media to the email address mentioned in the form. Make sure to send the email containing all the necessary attachments.


Video shooting instructions

Use default video mode to shoot the talent videos as well as the introduction video

Application Period

The application process for the audition has already started from November 2nd and will continue till December 31st, 2020. 

Netizens have mixed reactions about the project as some celebrated the collaboration by tweeting,  “JYP and PSY (PNation) making a worldwide open audition to their new Boy Group Loud.. That's amazing! Best of lucks to all participants!” while others are more skeptical about the move, stating “sbs and jyp = boy group? yikes. if it were just psy, i would've had some other thoughts…”


Another user wrote, “i don't get it I thought Psy's p nation was sort of the anti-mainstream of K-pop? The one looking for art and not money Why would his next move be collabing with the most mainstream kpop producer and releasing a boy group (which is the most mainstream thing) ??”







Currently, JYP Entertainment has some of the biggest Kpop boy bands under its name dominating the charts while Psy’s P Nation has signed soloists like Jessi, Hyuna, and Dawn under its name in 2019. Earlier this year, Psy also shared a picture with BTS' V aka Kim Taehyung on Instagram leaving armies to speculate a possibility of future collaboration. Officially, nothing of sort has been confirmed as of yet.


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