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$2.5m on boob job, drugs and parties, and now no money to support disabled son; the scandalous fall of the youngest Lotto winner

In earlier interviews, Rogers had spoken about how winning the lottery had only made her life dreadful
(Source:Getty Images)
(Source:Getty Images)

At the tender age of just 16, Callie Rogers won £1,875,000 (around $2,400,000) on the National Lottery and was crowned the UK's youngest lottery winner. She now claims that she has no money left over from her winnings to take care of her physically challenged son and that she ended up using the money on breast enhancement surgeries, parties, luxury cars, and drugs.

The now 31-year-old's son, Blake, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and cannot walk, talk, or swallow without help. She has come forward and said that the "biggest regret" she has is not having enough finances to give her young child a more comfortable life.

Rogers told the Daily Mail in an interview, "A lot of the time, I don’t care about money. I was never one for designer clothes or flash cars. But it’s my one big regret that the money isn’t here for Blake. He loves sensory stimulation. If I had that money, I’d give him the biggest sensory room you could buy."

In earlier interviews, Rogers had spoken about how winning the lottery had only made her life dreadful. She used to work as a checkout girl when she won the money and that she had quit her job and started partying away. She ended up spending £250,000 on cocaine, £18,000 on three boob jobs and £300,000 on clothes. The young mother-of-two also said that she had given at least £500,000 to family and friends without realizing that some of them had used her just for the money.

The now-single mother works as a carer at present after she went back to school and studied social care. Rogers used to live the luxurious lifestyle of a millionaire at one point of time but she now stays in a £400-a-month rented cul-de-sac house in Workington, Cumbris.

The mother said that she now shops in Asda. She said, "My kids don’t want for anything. At the end of the month, there is usually enough for a few treats, but I couldn’t go out and buy a new car tomorrow."

She then added, "If I want a holiday, I have to save." Rogers is going to be inheriting her grandparents' house which she says will act as a trust fund for her children. She also said that the minimum age for the playing the lottery should be raised from the current limit of 16 years old.

Rogers had gone to court last week because she had been beaten up badly by two dogsitters after she had spent the night out. She claims she had been kicked, punched, and stepped on by former friends, 37-year-old Marie Hinde and 26-year-old Jade Quayle. The two women are now facing prison sentences for assault.