LeBron James-led Lakers, Clippers reportedly vote to boycott rest of NBA ties, fans dub him 'civil rights icon'

This move comes in as a protest to the shooting of Jacob Blake and fans' thoughts and responses on the issue on Twitter were a mixed bag

                            LeBron James-led Lakers, Clippers reportedly vote to boycott rest of NBA ties, fans dub him 'civil rights icon'
LeBron James (Getty Images)

Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers indicated that they weren't in favor of being part of the remainder of the 2019-20 NBA season according to a tweet by The Athletic's Shams Charania. It read: "Sources: The Lakers and Clippers have voted to boycott the NBA season. Most other teams voted to continue. LeBron James has exited the meeting." A CBS Sports report said the call came after a meeting was held by players on late Wednesday, August 26, night.

Other teams, however, said they would continue to play and what happened next was completely unexpected and dramatic as LeBron James reportedly led both his team and the Clippers out. Fans on Twitter weighed-in on these thoughts. The responses were a mixed bag. Stephen A Smith responded to the tweet saying, "If this is True — if LeBron decides to end the season — the NBA Season has unofficially come to an end."



For some, it just didn't feel right. "This decision is not setting an example to young people in the right way. It will change nothing. Sends completely the wrong message," one of the fans replied.



"That’s an enormous mistake. When you stop the season, you lose your voice. While playing, we are locked into your actions/voice. I hope wise leaders come forward so people actually hear you. Leaving the table serves nobody but yourselves. #nba," reckoned a fan.



For some of the fans, it was just plain curious as to how this would be a solution. "How does this help to fight against racism? (No sarcasm, I’m genuinely curious and want to hear someone else’s opinion on this)" a fan asked.



"We all thought coronavirus was gonna be the end of sports this season. Turns out it was plain old fashioned racism," read one of the tweets.



The accoladed poured in for LeBron. "LeBron James is a legitimate civil rights icon. His impact on this nation will be felt for generations," a fan commented.



"Excellent. Very proud of LBJ Redeeming himself from back then with Sterling. Proud of the Lakers & Clippers in setting the right example for the NBA and Blacks (as well as allies) to address racism. Boycott and truly raise the fist to stand up to White Supremacy & Privilege!" a tweet read.



While there are no concrete announcements made at the moment, Sports Illustrated's Chris Mannix felt the Thursday (August 27) games would be postponed as well. The Bucks were the first team to take a stand on Wednesday, August 26, when they didn't show up on the court ahead of their game 5 clash against the Orlando Magic. Yahoo's Chris Haynes reported that the scrimmages between Houston Rockets and the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Portland Trail Blazers-Los Angeles Lakers games would be postponed as well after players decided not to play. Soon after the Bucks, the Brewers discussed playing Wednesday's game, according to Yahoo.

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