'Lord Of The Rings': Aragorn vs Legolas trends as fans debate which Fellowship companion is 'hotter'

'Lord Of The Rings': Aragorn vs Legolas trends as fans debate which Fellowship companion is 'hotter'
Aragorn and Legolas (IMDb)

Twitter is always a treasure trove of strange discussions and even more so during the lockdown. And today, the subject of the debate was centered on the characters Aragorn and Legolas from 'Lord Of The Rings'. Fans are busy arguing on who they root for more, or rather find 'hotter'.  While some staunchly maintain they bat for Aragorn, others say hell no, Legolas is the hero.

To be fair, Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen) founded the Reunited Kingdom, and during his reign as its first High King, it becomes the most powerful force in the northwest region of Middle-Earth. He lives a long life and dies of old age.


Legolas (Orlando Bloom) is the blonde and blithe elf, who joins Aragon and several other characters to form the Fellowship of the Ring and fight against the forces of Mordor. He is known for his powers of speed and powers of combat. 

It all began with an article by The Cut, which asked 'Are you an Aragorn Girl Or  a Legolas Girl?" And so, fans are busy deciding whether they're an 'Aragon girl' or a 'Legolas girl'. There's only one answer to that debate, really, but here's what the fans say.


"Definitely an Aragorn girl. But I agree, Samwise was the real hero of that story," a fan tweeted. Samwise Gamgee was Frodo Baggins's true friend, who saved him several times, while he went on the quest to destroy the Ring.

"ALL the girls in my High School were SUUUPER INTO Legolas and told me I was wrong to say Aragorn was hotter. They said I didn’t know know what I was talking about because I’m straight... but I still think I’m right! Eomer and Faramir were also hotter! Screw that slidey sonuvabee!" a fan wrote.


"I’m one thousand percent an Aragorn girl," another fan wrote.

"Aragorn all the way," another fan wrote.

"I am not a Legolas Girl or an Aragorn Girl. I am more of a Boromir Bitch," a fan tweeted.

"Legolas. Because Aragorn looks like he’d swallow my whole head when he kisses," another excited fan wrote.

"I was absolutely an Aragorn girl in my youth but as an adult I’d 100% choose Faramir as my life partner and that’s that," another fan wrote. 


Well, who do you like? Aragon Or Legolas?

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