Loona's Olivia Hye and Weeekly's Jihan to star in 1theK's 'Our First Date', fans say it's a 'dream come true'

A K-pop fan wrote, 'Jihan is probably so excited she is the biggest Loona fan ever, I’m happy for her'

                            Loona's Olivia Hye and Weeekly's Jihan to star in 1theK's 'Our First Date', fans say it's a 'dream come true'
Weekly's Jihan and Loona's Olivia Hye (YouTube)

K-pop girl group Weekly’s Jihan has got her fans completely freaking out as their favorite idol will meet her favorite idol Loona's Olivia Hye in the 1theK originals, ‘Our First Date’. Jihan has been a vocal Loona stan for the longest time but this will be their first one-on-one interaction on camera.

American viewers will be able to watch and livestream the episode on YouTube, while Olivia Hye and Jihan’s chapter is telecast at 8 pm (KST) on November 13. The duo will get to know each other through a number of games and missions where they would answer questions about each other, talk about first impressions and (hopefully) get to bond over activities together. 

1theK's originals, ‘Our First Date’ features young idols who promote their new music through the show, while getting to know their peers that they admired but never got the chance to interact with. At the end of the show, they also exchange phone numbers which is usually earned through a game. This week’s episode is extra special to Loona and Weekly fans as both the K-pop idols are the visual representatives for their respective groups and the fans can’t wait to see their chemistry on the screen.

A fan wrote on Twitter, “Gurl the person who planned this new exactly what they were doing”. While another said, “Jihan gonna freak the f**k out lmaooo”. To which a user agreed, “JIHAN IS GONNA CRY YO”. Another said, “Jihan is probably so excited she is the biggest loona fan ever I’m happy for her”





Jihan fans are also celebrating as this is a dream come true moment for their favorite idol, “this is a dream come true for jihan I’m soo happy for her ..”. "Jihan is the luckiest orbit in the world". And Loona fans are wondering, “how to be jihan honestly”




Weekly’s Jihan’s photo was revealed in May 2020 and the group officially debuted in June this year with their mini-album ‘We Are’. Earlier, the 16-year-old Kpop singer trained under SM Entertainment but she signed with Play M entertainment this year to debut for Weekly. In her introduction, she shared her favorite group to be Loona, officially making her stance as ‘Orbit’, the name of Loona’s fandom.

Olivia Hye debuted in 2018 with Loona with the song “Egoist” featuring member Jinsoul. In October, Loona’s latest mini-album ‘12:00 (Midnight)’ released with the title track “Why Not?” when the 19-year-old idol shared her wish to continue making music for long and receiving her love from the fans. 
“I hope we can be singers who continue to show new sides to the public five years later as well.”

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