Loona is coming: Korean girl group set for September return, thrilled fans say they're 'stepping up their game'

The group has consistently demonstrated their creative skill in previous comebacks, but the greater involvement on the upcoming album has fans excited

                            Loona is coming: Korean girl group set for September return, thrilled fans say they're 'stepping up their game'
Loona (Getty Images)

K-pop group Loona have revealed they are preparing for a comeback in September and it will feature greater involvement from the members who have been honing their songwriting and production skills. The group celebrates their second anniversary on August 20, though they technically began their debut back in 2016 with a 'girl of the month' concept that introduced each member individually, one per month, until their full official debut with the 2018 EP '[+ +]', supported by the lead single 'favOriTe' and the title track 'Hi High'.

Loona has already had one comeback this year with the single 'So What', a self-affirming single of empowerment that earned the group their first number one on the Korean music charts. So it comes as a surprise to many among the group's fandom, Orbit, that they're having a second comeback within the same year. One fan stated, "@loonatheworld is going to have comeback!!! I'm f happy, you have no idea," another said, "LOONA IS COMING BACK NEXT MONTH(?,??<]%~^€|^£," and one fan tweet read, "I'M SCREAMING IT DOESN'T FEEL REAL TO HAVE 2 CBS IN A YEAR." Soon, #LOONAISCOMING was trending across Twitter.






Fans already began tossing their predictions into the conversation on what kind of concept Loona will return with. One fan stated, "WHEN LOONA PULLS OUT A CLASSICAL CONCEPT LIKE THE ONE WE SAW IN LOVE BATTERY... DAAAAAAAMMMNNNNNNNN." Another said, "Really love an OT12 Eclipse or Sweet Crazy Love! An r&b genre this time, it would be a smash hit!" and one fan stated, "Maybe a royalty concept!! But I also really want a cute concept again... or an oec type concept #LOONAISCOMING LOONA COMEBACK."






And some fans simply stated, "Anything as long as it's ot12," with another adding, "THEY SLAY EVERY CONCEPT."




Loona member Heejin reflected on the journey the group and their fans have had thus far in an interview with e.L.e magazine, sharing, "We grew up with our fans because the ORBIT has been with us since we began. As much as you give us too much love, we are also thinking a lot about giving ORBIT good music." The same interview revealed the group's plans for September, with Yves sharing that the group has been in the studio everyday composing, choreographing and recording.

"I think we've been improving our skills," she stated, adding, "And we had some time to relax and work on our personal hobbies too." Speaking about their upcoming projects, Olivia Hye shared, "I think it's an opportunity to show more diverse parts of us than the previous 'So What' activity. We hope you are looking forward to it because we are challenging ourselves to show you a new side of our group."

Fans expressed their shock and excitement for the upcoming comeback, specifically their increased participation in the project. "OMG ARE THEY FINALLY TAKING PART OF THE WRITING AND PRODUCTION?? In 'So What' they took part in the choreographing process and I would consider it a success, I hope we get to see their artistic side," shared one fan, to which another responded, "IKR !!! they’re really stepping up their games we love to see it."


The group also had a message for leader Haseul, who is currently on a hiatus due to health reasons. Yves stated, "On our days off we meet Haseul and we always have a good time. Haseul, we're always thinking of you. We love you! And come to us whether you are happy or sad, there are 11 hands waiting to hug you." Fans were happy to hear an update about the leader, with one stating, "I hope Haseul feels better enough to come w them too I miss her sm," while another wondered, "WAIT WAIT WAIT LOONA COMEBACK THIS SEPTEMBER???? IS HASEUL COMING BACK."




Most fans began wondering whether the upcoming comeback would feature a full album featuring new tracks or a repackaged album. One fan shared, "I hope it’s not a repackage for the love of god I need lots of songs and full album pls," while another asked, "Do yall think it will be Loona full album like imagine... ah ah." And one fan stated, "OKAY LOOK LOOK I KNOW IT'S UNREALISTIC BUT LIKE..WHAT IF WE GET SUB UNIT SONGS IN THE ALBUM?"






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