'Long Way Up' Episode 9: McGregor and Boorman enjoy boat adventure in 'Colombia, Panama & Costa Rica'

'Long Way Up' Episode 9: McGregor and Boorman enjoy boat adventure in 'Colombia, Panama & Costa Rica'
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Spoilers for 'Long Way Up' Episode 9: 'Colombia, Panama & Costa Rica'

After all the riding in mountainous regions, some great roads, and rough paths, Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman get some much-needed downtime in Episode 9 titled, 'Colombia, Panama & Costa Rica'. They swap their e-Harley Davidsons for some sailing as they head from to Panama by plane first and follow it up with a journey by ship to make it to Panama. Over the course of the episode, it is revealed that McGregor's bike needs some repairs and will be fixed by the time they reach Costa Rica.

However, that piece of news takes the backseat as a major chunk of the episode is all about their boat adventure. For starters, the ship they travel in with the bikes looks like a beaten-down vessel that raises genuine concerns about them making the journey in one piece. The boat crew looks sharp and proactive while trying to make the show crew's journey as comfortable and safe as possible. From cramped bunks to the continuous bobbing of the boat, it is fun to see how McGregor and Boorman still manage with a smile on their faces.

Then comes the food. From freshly chopped veggies to marinated fresh fish, it's a scrumptious meal on the cards as the duo with the local producers dig in and relish every bite. There's some great footage of the boat's crewmen talking about sailing as their source of livelihood and that is an occupation that's more of a family trade. The episode also introduces Nuqui, one of the wettest regions in the world where the ship quickly makes a pitstop to fuel up on essential supplies.

On the way back from the island town, McGregor and Boorman dive in for a quick swim as well — another instance to show the fun they have been having so far. They are still 5,419 miles away from Los Angeles and the episode gives a rather rustic feel as this is the first time where we see them without their bikes for a major portion of the episode. For those who have enjoyed the music in the show, there's a treat as Stereophonics' 'Superman' introduces the episode.

With this, it is safe to say, 'Long Way Up' has been one of the best travel reality shows of the year. With a couple of episodes to go, there's a lot left to see in the show. For now, this was a water journey that's fun and a break from the bikes.

'Long Way Up' Episode 9 is available for streaming on Apple TV+.

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