'Long Island Medium': Theresa Caputo makes rare second visit to check on family that had suffered a great loss

'Long Island Medium': Theresa Caputo makes rare second visit to check on family that had suffered a great loss

In this week's episode, Theresa Caputo decided to pay a visit to Carol, a mother who lost her husband, her mother and her stillborn son.

Theresa remarks that she had never come across anyone who had suffered such a big loss and where the force of the spirit was strong enough for her to understand the signs easily. 

The first time Theresa met Carol, she sensed her mother's soul talking to her.

The reality star asks Carol to not blame herself for the loss of her mother. Theresa says that her mother was telling her, "Carol, I am going to say this for the last time, stop feeling that this was your fault." Carol reflects that she was very close to her mother but, unfortunately, she could not meet her at the time of her death. 

Carol feels a flow of emotions rushing through her when Theresa remarks that her husband was with her mother.

Carol says her husband was diagnosed with cancer and spent everyday fighting for his life while ensuring that he spent a good amount of time with his family.


Theresa also notes that Carol's husband constantly spoke about her moving on. 

She says Carol's husband wants her to inform her that she "deserved a life of her own".

A few years after the death of her husband, Carol met her present husband who she says has been her strength ever since then. But she added that there wasn't a day when she didn't miss her husband who had departed. 

Theresa consoled Carol who tried hard to control her tears. She tells Carol that her husband was extremely happy for her and proud to see how she had raised their two sons.

Theresa says Carol's husband wanted to "thank her for giving me the most beautiful gift and it was okay to let go." While saying this, Theresa adds that she could feel a strong presence of him in the house. 

It is then that Carol reveals that he had taken his last breath in the house as she had brought him back home after the doctors had informed him that they could not do anything more. Theresa also asks Carol if she had died and come back to life. 


Carol was taken by surprise and didn't know how to respond.

Theresa further reveals that she could sense the spirit of her son who said that he could feel Carol's pain as he knew there wasn't anyone she could share the feelings with. 

Theresa also adds that Carol's husband wanted her to move on and live the life she deserves. She says he wanted her to stop feeling like it was her fault and to know that "she survived for a reason". 

After the reading, Carol seems hopeful of her future and Thersa says her husband felt the same as he told her, "for the first time in a very long time, I feel like my wife is going to be okay."

While the two parted ways with Carol feeling lighter about her past, this wasn't the last time that she would meet Theresa.

As the episode progressed, Theresa felt the urge to reconnect with the family and pay a visit to the sons. She felt that the sons would benefit by knowing what their father had to say. Theresa headed back to their home and met Antonio and Giovanni. The boys were fairly young when their father passed away. 


Speaking to the elder son, Antonio, Theresa stated that his father knew about the essay he wrote in which he spoke about him being a hero. Hearing this, Antonio breaks down crying and says Theresa spoke about the material of the paper and how it as written and that's how he knew his father knew about it. 

He further adds that his father was a kind man who made sure he accompanied him on his football practices and be there through every big thing in his life.

Giovanni, on the other hand, was just three-years-old when his dad passed away. Regardless, Theresa remarks that he was aware of everything he did. 

Theresa says he knew about the carving that he had done for him. Giovanni was surprised as he added that he had made a carving of the tattoo that his dad had on a number plate.

She then told the boys that their father was proud of them and happy to see how they had turned out. The boys felt at ease as they got a chance to connect with their father. 


The family was left feeling wonderful and counting their blessings as they felt closer to the ones they had lost. 

'Long Island Medium' airs on Fridays on TLC at 9 PM.

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