Woman and five dogs killed as suspect crashes stolen van into her vehicle after being chased by police in Long Beach

Woman and five dogs killed as suspect crashes stolen van into her vehicle  after being chased by police in Long Beach
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A woman and five dogs were tragically killed in a crash in Long Beach on Tuesday, May 7, after a vehicle that was being chased by the police crashed into the one they were traveling in. 

The friends and family of the victim have identified her as Jessica Bingman, a single mom who lived nearby and worked as a dog-sitter for many in the neighborhood. 

According to Sweet Law, officers from the Long Beach Police Department spotted a stolen white van near the intersection of East Broadway and Alamitos Avenue at around 11:30 am and attempted to enforce a traffic stop.

However, the driver did not stop, resulting in officers giving the stolen vehicle and the suspect a chase.

The chase came to an end when the van collided with Bingaman's vehicle near the intersection of East 3rd Street and Temple Avenue. Before coming to a stop, the two vehicles would hit three more parked cars on the other side as well.

Bingaman was trapped in the mangled car and it took rescuers more than 20 minutes to pry her out. She was subsequently rushed to a hospital for treatment but her injuries would prove fatal.


Witnesses said the stolen van was traveling more than 60 miles per hour and ran a stop sign before the crash. One of these witnesses, Juanita Gaglio, explained how even she had a close brush with death.

She said she had just stopped for the intersection when the van crossed the center line to go around her, and that, moments later, the vehicle had crashed into Bingaman's black car at the intersection. 


There were reportedly six dogs in the car at the time of the collision, of which four were immediately killed in the crash.

Long Beach Police Officer Arantxa Chavarria said the two other dogs were transported to a vet for treatment, which is where one of them passed away. 

The driver of the stolen vehicle was later identified as 43-year-old Javier Oliverez of Los Angeles, California.


After the crash, he too had to be transported to the hospital for treatment. While his condition is still unknown, his injuries are thought to be non-life-threatening.

The authorities announced he had been booked on charges that included evading a police officer, felony driving under influence, and vehicular manslaughter.

Authorities said he was a known gang member and a parolee who had an outstanding no bail warrant for a post-release community supervision violation.


After treatment, he was moved to Long Beach Jail, where he is currently being held without bail. 

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