Logic drops 'YSIV Freestyle', announces September release of new 'Young Sinatra' album

"Young Sinatra IV, the album. September 28th," Logic says at the end of his new 2-minute freestyle rap video.

                            Logic drops 'YSIV Freestyle', announces September release of new 'Young Sinatra' album

Logic's just turned up the heat on his already jam-packed summer with the release of a new freestyle over Method Man's classic 1994 cut 'Bring the Pain' on Tuesday.  Titled 'YSIV Freestyle',  the two-minute spitfire attack comes to a close with an exciting announcement: "Young Sinatra IV, the album. September 28th."

The project will be his first full-length since March's chart-topping mixtape 'Bobby Tarantino II' and also since singing a reported $30 million deal with Def Jam that same month. Logic's last studio album was 2017's highly-acclaimed 'Everybody', which dropped last May.

Logic's freestyle, filmed in a large empty room with a paneled light ceiling, shows off "the old Logic" as he flies into a relentless super-fast flow while namedropping Uma Thurman, Jay-Z, Patrick Swayze, NWA and other veterans while sneaking in Quentin Tarantino references like only Logic can. Casting himself as the heir to a list of rap greats, he lays out what to expect from the new release, rapping: "They say they want the old Logic / The one that flow like a faucet  / I'm still the same me / They just don't believe it like they agnostic / If I spit over the boom bap they could see that as nostalgic." 

Later, he references his commercial success as he raps, "Who you know worth $50 million and still rapping on breakbeats?" He also mentions his recent sold out show in New York City, spitting, "Said I'd never make it/Bitch, I just sold out the Garden." Listen to 'YSIV Freestyle' below:

Young Sinatra IV marks the fourth chapter of his beloved Young Sinatra saga which started with his sophomore mixtape in 2011 and continued with the tapes 'Young Sinatra: Undeniable' in 2012 and 'Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forever' in 2013.

If his recent tweet about having "80 unreleased songs [and] 7 projects" is to be believed, fans should be treated to a lot more music in the near future.