'Locke & Key' Episode 9: 'Echoes' finally unlocks the season's biggest mysteries but questions remain

Several mysteries teased through the course of the show are finally revealed this episode, but the startling revelations still leave some questions

'Locke & Key' Episode 9: 'Echoes' finally unlocks the season's biggest mysteries but questions remain

Spoiler alert for 'Echoes' - Episode 9 of 'Locke & Key' 

The Head Key is an extraordinarily handy device - and not just for the characters on 'Locke & Key.' Flashbacks are tired, and done, and yes, a necessary part of revealing the backstory - but 'Locke & Key' gets to have their characters literally walk through memories of the past in search of answers. After a season of mysteries, we finally get some answers as to the threats facing the Lockes, and all is revealed!

Well, not all.

There are still some burning questions left behind. That's not to say the episode was unsatisfying, on the contrary - this glimpse into the past fills in a lot of holes and provides satisfying answers to the show's many mysteries. What's left unrevealed is still something worth talking about, however - questions that will eaither be wrapped up in the finale or possibly explored in a hypothetical season 2. 

How do adults remember magic?

The rule that adults can't see or remember magic is apparently not as hard and fast as it first appeared. Last episode saw our first loophole - memories of magic remain if you're drunk, apparently. The Keepers of the Keys, however, have found themselves a way to retain all THEIR magical memories without having to be perpetually drunk - but how did they manage it?


Where is Kinsey's Fear?

Plucked from Kinsey's (Emilia Jones) head, buried in the woods, then let loose to save the Lockes from a maddened gunman, we see fear raise its horrific head once more as it attacks poor Eden Hawkins (Hallea Jones) before being chased away. It's still out there - but what does it want? How is it still alive? Most importantly...after spending this long outside Kinsey's head, is it even possible to return it?

Who made the keys?

We know that the Keepers of the Keys found the magical keys in the house and used them for their own ends, but it's never revealed how - or where the keys come from. Is this a magic exclusive to the Keyhouse? Who designed the keys, and to what end? So far, the show hasn't even given any clues as to that answer. In the comics, the keys were made from the corpses of extradimensional beings, but that doesn't mean the show's going to go the same way.

Is death fixed?

This episode, it was revealed that Ellie Whedon brought an echo of Lucas Caravaggio (Felix Mallard) back to life. It was a corrupted version of him, as she last saw him, but aside from that there appears to be no ill effects to his "resurrection" after leaving the Well House with the Anywhere Key - he is, in fact, essentially immune to death now. Does this mean that the Echo Key and the Anywhere Key can bring ANYONE to life? 


What is Lucas' end game?

We know now that the Well-Lady has been the resurrected echo of a possessed Lucas Caravaggio all along, and that Lucas is seeking the Omega Key to open the door down in the sea caves. The question that remains, however, is why. Does the thing inside Lucas merely seek to go home - or is it seeking to bring more of its brethren to earth? Or is there something else entirely that the show has yet to reveal?

With only one episode remaining, the show certainly has a lot of questions to wrap up. If the series is successful enough, however, the finale may be leaving just enough room for questions to linger on through to Season 2. 

All episodes of Season 1 of 'Locke & Key' are now available to stream on Netflix. 


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