'Locke & Key' Episode 4 Review: The kids are finally figuring out the rules of magic in 'Keeper of the Keys'

The Lockes are more willing to try out the keys, finding out what they can do and face their first real confrontation with the Well-Lady

'Locke & Key' Episode 4 Review: The kids are finally figuring out the rules of magic in 'Keeper of the Keys'

Spoiler alert for 'Keeper of the Keys' — Episode 4 of 'Locke & Key' 

The last episode finally dived properly into magic, and what the keys can actually do. Now, the Lockes are figuring out the rules (besides the convenient "adults can't remember seeing magic" one) behind the keys — and finding out just how much they can do with them. 

A fearless Kinsey (Emilia Jones) seems to be getting the most out of the keys' magic, for the moment, dying her hair in a fun nod to her comic-book counterpart and making things up to poor Scot (Petrice Jones) by letting him know how much she likes him.

Scot's nervousness is adorable, but even without having read the comics, it's obvious that Petrice Jones is trying (and failing) to portray someone a lot, lot nerdier and lacking than he is. It would be annoying if his performance wasn't so charming. 

Literally burying one's fear in the woods seems like it ought to have some consequences, but aside from a little brashness, Kinsey seems to be fine. One of the episode's best scenes sees her share a heart-to-heart with Tyler, later in the episode — the kids both seem alright.


Tyler (Connor Jessup), after falling in with the wrong crowd last episode, is now being steered towards a much better path — one that gets him closer to his romantic interest Jackie (Genevieve Kang).

While Tyler has been reluctant about accepting magic into his life, trying to impress Jackie is what finally gets him on board. Where Kinsey took out her fear, Tyler throws something in.

Playing with the rules of magic, testing out its limits and finding new possibilities is the most fun a fantasy concept can have, and it's a lot of fun to see.

Some rules are confusing surprises, however — like why adults can't remember seeing magic, or the new one that shows that the Well-Lady (Laysla de Oliveira) is unable to TAKE keys from the Lockes - they have to be given to her.

It's good to see the series' villain get some proper villaining done, actually. Her intentions and her goals beyond "get the keys" continue to be unclear. Where the show's other mysteries are slowly progressing towards answers, the ones surrounding the Well-Lady are just growing increasingly confusing.


The contrast illustrates what makes a mystery work — the slow progression towards answers is a lot more satisfying than a mystery growing increasingly bizarre until all answers are revealed.

With the Lockes now willing to actually use the keys, they're well-armed against the Well-Lady going forward — and hopefully, the keys start unlocking some more answers, as well. 

All episodes of Season 1 of 'Locke & Key' are now available to stream on Netflix. 

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