'Lizzie McGuire' cast gather for Bra episode's virtual table read, fans say Gordo looks like 'a fugitive uncle’

'Lizzie McGuire' cast gather for Bra episode's virtual table read, fans say Gordo looks like 'a fugitive uncle’
Hilary Duff and Adam Lamberg (Hilary Duff/Instagram)

'Lizzie McGuire' fans have been waiting with bated breath for the reboot series ever since the news regarding its return started to circulate. However, in the given situation due to the ongoing pandemic, one couldn’t tell when the production of shows and movies will resume. 

But to offer fans a little something amidst the lockdown, the original cast of the show came together to do a virtual table read of the fan-favorite ‘Between a rock and a Bra Place’ episode from 'Lizzie McGuire' Season 1. 

The video of the entire Zoom call of the cast members was shared by Hilary Duff on her Instagram account and captioned, “Some fun for you this Monday! Hope you guys have fun watching this! We could not stop laughing reading lines from tween us...this is the first time we were all "together-ish" in almost 18 years! This week marks the 19th anniversary of this episode 'Between a Rock and a Bra Place!' Do excuse our delayed singing... we will be taking singing lessons as a group to work on our craft!!”
The episode sees Lizzie pull a stunt with her friends in order to get a bra, but ends up yelling at her mother when she gets caught red-handed for lying about a school project. 

Every member of the original cast, including Lalaine as Miranda, Jake Thomas as Matt, Ashley Brillault as Kate, Robert Carradine as Sam, Hallie Todd as Jo and Davida Williams as Claire did a great job in reading their respective lines, thus helping fans revisit their childhood memories. 

However, fans just couldn’t come to terms with how Adam Lamberg aka Gordo looked. The viewers have flooded Twitter with comments concerning his present-day look. 

While one fan noted, “Gordo looks like a fugitive uncle who ran to Colombia with millions from laundering money that absolutely just lives his best life now lol,” referring to the thick mustache he sported. 

“Gordo looks fake old. He looks like a MUA put some bags under his eyes and a fake mustache but behind that he’s young,” said another. 

One fan commented, “Gordo looks like death.” "Omg what the hell happened to gordo, he used to be cute,” chimed in another shocked fan. 

The virtual table read also prompted fans to ask, “Did Gordo end up dating Lizzie in the show? I can’t seem to remember.”

Meanwhile, the majority of the fans were simply happy and thanked the 'Lizzie McGuire' team for bringing back fun-filled memories. 

A viewer wrote, “Haha this was so cool! ah... the memories. Man I watched the heck out of this show when I was a young teen. It’s amazing seeing them all again doing the episode read.”

“I’m absolutely gobbed! This is bloody brilliant! @disneyplus you’ve made a grave mistake not airing the return series,” added another.

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