Liza Burke: Student who suffered brain hemorrhage while celebrating spring break shows signs of recovery

Liza Burke: Student who suffered brain hemorrhage while celebrating spring break shows signs of recovery
Liza Burke suffered brain hemorrhage while celebrating her last spring break in Cabo San Lucas (Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network/Facebook)

ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA: Liza Burke, a North Carolina college senior who suffered a brain hemorrhage during her spring break in Mexico, is reportedly “making progress toward recovery” after returning to her family in the United States. Burke, a senior at the University of Georgia, was celebrating her last spring break in Cabo San Lucas with friends on March 10 when she complained about an uncomfortable headache and went to rest.

Later Burke’s friends went to her room where they found her in an unresponsive state. She was immediately rushed to a local hospital, where she was diagnosed with an arteriovenous malformation, a tangle of blood vessels that join arteries and veins in an unnatural way that prevents the flow of blood and oxygen. In order to stop the bleeding in her brain, Burke underwent urgent surgery and remained hospitalized in Mexico for several days, according to Good Morning America.


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Lisa making a slow recovery

Family friend Jennifer Ritter organized the GoFundMe drive to raise money for Burke’s medical treatment and her ticket back home. Within days, the campaign garnered more than $140,000, which was used to cover the cost of transporting Burke to Jacksonville, where she was admitted to the Mayo Clinic. Burke’s mother, Laura McKeithen told the Macon Telegraph that her daughter, who was placed on life support, is making progress since arriving at Mayo Clinic.


McKeithen said doctors removed Burke’s temporary pacemaker and took her off all medications except for pain management. Burke is breathing on her own but doctors are still using a ventilator to ensure her airway stays clear. McKeithen added that Burke had become more reactive, with her pupils reacting to sudden changes and the college student “squeezing hands, wiggling toes and even lifting her head from the pillow.”

“WE ARE! - fighting with her"

McKeithen also told ABC that doctors discovered a tumor on Burke's brain stem, and this week, tests have been carried out to learn more about her condition. She is scheduled to undergo a biopsy on coming Thursday. "I feel like I've been in some crazy horror movie for the last week, fighting against a monster that refuses to give up," McKeithan said in a daily update to family and friends that was shared with ABC News. "Little does that monster know, that I've got a secret that's yet to be unleashed… and that is Liza herself. So here I am - WE ARE! - fighting with her, more determined than ever!" The mother said doctors do not yet know what kind of recovery Burke will make.

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 Liza Burke: Student who suffered brain hemorrhage shows recovery