'Live from WZRD' trailer reveals a comedy setting that meshes magic and reality

'Live from WZRD' trailer reveals a comedy setting that meshes magic and reality

Ever thought what would happen if 'Harry Potter' met 'Community'? The answer comes now as VRV launches a brand-new series, titled 'Live From WZRD.' A video sneak peek of Thursday's episode (7) shared with MEA WorldWide (MEAWW) features dragons, almost similar to Khaleesi's in 'Game of Thrones', a talking dog and a translucent ghost.

The comedic talk show is described as a fantastical series imagining a world where wizards are real while a handful are slugging through college. Hosted by Open Mike Eagle and Dani Fernandez, the show loops in special guests in the on-set segments with celebrities including social media stars and stand up comedians, as well as characters from around the school, and behind-the-scenes drama, with Mike and Fernandez finding themselves entangled in dangerous situations.

Check out the exclusive trailer here:


Filmed in the student-run TV studio at East Gatewood Wizarding Community College (a 2-year accredited wizarding school in La Crescenta, CA), 'Live From WZRD' keeps students and faculty up-to-date while educating the real world on the day-to-day lives of actual wizards, breaking the old Hollywood myths about wizardry and getting real.


The show can be considered an absurd-comedy with a magical twist as we see the hosts brandishing their wands around to make guests appear on their show. The hosts also get into an argument about how to use the wands, what to ask and more.

In the trailer we also see people flying around on their broomsticks and the whole vibe of the show is quite similar to the old Disney show 'Wizards of Waverly Place'. The synopsis of the first episode titled 'Graduation' reads; "Mike realizes he must vanquish the registrar and finally graduate to save the school from Steve the Janitor."

'Live from WZRD' can be streamed on VRV and premiered March 28. The finale is next Thursday at 9 a.m. PT.

VRV is a streaming basecamp for all things fandom with channels such as Crunchyroll, Nicksplat!, Boomerang and Rooster Teeth.

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