Little Women LA: Terra Jole flies into a temper at a kickball game

The drama on the show started to heat up when Terra gets called out at second base by Christy’s husband, Todd which ends up in her losing her temper

                            Little Women LA: Terra Jole flies into a temper at a kickball game
(L-R) Tonya Banks and Terra Joles (Source: Getty Images)

For fans of 'Little Women LA', get ready to watch the drama unfold at a kickball game this week, with most of it emanating from the show's star Terra Jole. Terra loses her calm which results in a fight breaking out almost immediately.

The game, which was arranged by Mika Aguilar, led to the show's stars being upset over the choice of game, given Mika's affinity to choose activities which call for the ladies getting physical, like the time she took them horseback riding.

However, this time around, the fight did not take place because of the choice of game, but whether the team names sounded offensive. 

The drama heated up when Terra gets called out at second base by Christy’s husband, Todd. The reality star loses her mind and flies into a rage, claiming that she did not deserve to be called out and instead  should have instead been out there in the field chalking out the game.

Although Todd kept insisting that Terra was called out because of the fact that she was not backing down, she does not pay heed to his words. As the kickball game starts getting derailed due to the argument, and its seemed that it might just turn into a full-on blow-out. 

And fans can anticipate that when even the drama-loving Mika starts to think that things have gone way too far, that there is something definitely wrong happening out there. The reality star then calls out her fellow co-star Terra for being too competitive and for taking the kickball game way too seriously.

But it can be seen through the course of the episode that Terra wants to have none of the accusations thrown at her by Mika and says that it was serious business, further calling Todd out for cheating. As the episode goes on, Terra also says that she thinks that Christy’s husband isn’t playing fair, alleging that Todd is favoring his daughter who was playing on the other team, claiming that he wants her to win for obvious reasons.

The drama on the show comes only a day after the reality TV star was seen getting extremely emotional about her own daughter, and admits that although she has been trying to stay strong through her daughter's medical conditions, it hasn't always been easy.

"Penny just turned three, and having achondroplasia has not been the easiest for her little body," Terra explained. 

“The doctor called and said like if she’s not walking in six months, [she has to get a shunt],” the 38-year-old was heard telling fellow star and castmate Jasmine Arteaga Sorge about her  3-year-old daughter Penny‘s potential surgery. “It’s been like, all of a sudden, I was like ‘Let’s look up everything to try to get her to walk.'”

Terra further explained about her daughter's illness, saying that the doctor feels that Penny's extra brain fluid might be affecting her ability to walk like a normal toddler of her age. Terra's daughter suffers from a medical condition called hydrocephalus, and the reality star was extremely emotional about her daughter's upcoming medical procedures.

“As a mom, I don’t want a shunt. Shunts have a 50 percent chance of failing,” she says. “I don’t want to take away something that will give her a better life. I just want her to feel like a ‘normal’ little person like I do. I feel like a normal little person, and I feel selfish for saying that.”

Terra also admitted on the show that she knew having a daughter with achondroplasia would most probably come with its own share of health issues, but she did not expect the actual extent of problems her daughter Penny would face in the long run due to her medical condition. "I guess it's my ignorance that I assumed she would be a replica of me," Terra said tearfully.

Nevertheless, her friend Jasmine was there for her friend and co-star and kept reassuring her. "It's OK if she's at a slower pace. You're going to do whatever you have to do for your kid. And I mean that from the bottom of my heart," she said.