‘Little Voice’ Episode 6: Fans demand Bess and Samuel become a couple as they lose patience with Ethan

That Bess and Samuel are right for each other is obvious. Samuel understands Bess and is always there for her. He may be blunt and awkward, but he really cares for her

                            ‘Little Voice’ Episode 6: Fans demand Bess and Samuel become a couple as they lose patience with Ethan
Colton Ryan and Brittany O’Grady (Apple TV+)

Spoilers for ‘Little Voice’ Episode 6 ‘Tell Her’

Episode 6 of ‘Little Voice’, Apple TV+’s musical drama, ‘Tell Her’, saw Bess (Brittany O’Grady) nurse her heartbreak over Ethan (Sean Teale). Knowing that she couldn’t have Ethan because he was already with someone else -- and Ethan felt the same way -- broke Bess. She refused to watch the music video that Ethan shot and created for her. She lashed out.

Unable to process her feelings, she began drinking more -- just another similarity that Bess has with her father, Percy (Chuck Cooper). Samuel (Colton Ryan) was worried about her as he saw her constantly drinking through their performance. She snapped at Samuel as well when he expressed his concern. And she did the same again when he got mad at Jeremy (Luke Kirby) making snide remarks about sleeping with Bess. 

The love triangle in ‘Little Voice’ is complicated and sad. It is evident that Samuel cares deeply for Bess. But it is equally evident that Bess has eyes for no one other than Ethan. But fans know what they want. 

“Bess and Samuel better get together. I do not want to stay up until midnight and mess up my sleep schedule for Bess to pine for Ethan instead of Samuel who’s obviously right for her! Regardless of the outcome of this episode, I’m still so excited,” wrote a fan on Twitter.

Another fan shared a bunch of "annoyed" reaction images and wrote, “Me, every time Ethan flirts with Bess.” Yet another wrote, “I love Samuel so much. Can we kick Ethan to the side and let Bess and Samuel thrive?”

Clearly, the fans don’t like Ethan and Bess as an item, which they are not. But it’s not because Ethan is a bad guy. It’s because Samuel, despite all the bickering he gets into with Bess, is the only one who sees her for her flaws and insecurities. And despite being blunt and awkward, Samuel actually goes out of his way to help Bess, something that Ethan has never done. 

Colton Ryan, Sean Teale, and Brittany O’Grady in 'Little Voice'. (Apple TV+)

As many fans fawned over Bess and Samuel as a couple -- several shared clips and GIFs of them dancing from episode 5 -- others pointed out that Ethan was also a jealous man. One pointed out, “Ethan really gets jealous every time Samuel and Bess get close together when he literally has a whole a** girlfriend.”

Aside from obsessions, fans also have fantasies. At the end of episode 6, Bess, after a terrible day involving Percy getting caught for stealing, and Louie (Kevin Valdez) getting his birthday ruined, sat sadly in the train, jotting her thoughts down in her songbook. But when she got down at her station, she forgot her book on the train. 

This would surely affect Bess in the episode to come. But fans have ideas about it. “If I don't have Bess arriving at Samuel's apartment in a full breakdown over losing her journal and getting an emotional reunion and resolution then what are we all doing here?” asked a fan, adding, “She better f***ing finally watch that music video and see Sam’s heart eyes and get her s*** together.”

The fan added, “I'm sorry Bess I love you but Samuel has you so pegged. What's it like to be known like that? I wanted him to stay one minute longer but one person can only take so much. If Samuel's not even in episode 7 and I have to see Ethan's stupid face again I'm gonna scream. I find it absolutely wild that Bess is spinning out over a boy she spent exactly 1.75 days with. But I mean she's dealing with too much, as Samuel says, so I'm trying to be kinder to her in my head.”

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