'Little People, Big World': Jackson is disappointed to meet Lilah and wants nothing to do with her

The Roloffs welcome a new family member but Jackson is not so happy to see his little sister

                            'Little People, Big World': Jackson is disappointed to meet Lilah and wants nothing to do with her

Tori and Zachary Roloff are parents to two. The pair recently welcomed their second child, a girl, and named her Lilah. While everyone was excited to have her in the family, one person who was not so thrilled was their first-born, 3-year-old Jackson Roloff. Jackson had been excited about the baby before she came but the second he came to the hospital, he did not seem happy to see the baby. 

At first, Jackson wanted to leave the room as he did not feel comfortable in the environment. Zachary tried to motivate him to go meet Lilah but he seemed hesitant to do so. He didn't feel comfortable meeting Tori as well and she was not happy to see that. Tori wondered if Jackson was reacting in this way because he saw her in the hospital surrounded by machines. Zachary admitted Jackson felt more comfortable holding the camera than seeing his sister. She was disappointed to see what was happening but hoped things would get better. Amy Roloff tried to explain Jackson's behavior by stating that he may not be comfortable seeing his mother in an environment that is foreign to him. 

Tori added that seeing his mother in a position where she can't get up to greet him also upset him. A few weeks later, the pair got back home but things did not change when it came to Jackson. Zachary thought Jackson was looking at the baby and acknowledged that she is their child but did not relate to her as his younger sister. They tried to form a connection between the two but that did not help as Jackson was not willing to hold or have anything to do with the baby. Despite being disappointed, Tori and Zachary knew it was important to give him some space. 

While Jackson was not so happy to see Lilah, everyone else in the Roloff family was excited to see the new member. Amy and Matt Roloff could not contain their joy about becoming grandparents again. The two seemed happy to have another grandchild and looked forward to playing with her. 

'Little People, Big World' airs on Tuesdays at 9 pm ET on TLC. 

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