'Little People, Big World': Tori says giving birth to Lilah was so painful it felt like being 'hit by a truck'

Tori and Zachary Roloff welcomed their second child but it wasn't easy for the mother

                            'Little People, Big World': Tori says giving birth to Lilah was so painful it felt like being 'hit by a truck'
Tori (TLC)

Tori and Zachary Roloff welcomed their second child, a baby girl. The Roloffs were happy to have a new member join their family but Tori's experience after giving birth was a not a pleasant one. She admitted that the recovery in the hospital had been harder than she had imagined. Tori said she tried to do things differently this time as she thought about not taking the drugs after childbirth. However, she soon started regretting her decision as she admitted it wasn't the best choice she had made. She further reflected on how things were a lot different after giving birth to their daughter, Lilah, than they were when she gave birth to their son, Jackson. 

She recalled that with Jackson, she was feeling good enough to take a walk but after giving birth to Lilah, Tori revealed she felt like she had been hit by a truck. She said that she felt like she would never walk again. To make things worse, Tori revealed she had been having problems going to the bathroom by herself. Tori recalled that four nurses had to come into the room to help her get to the bathroom. Unfortunately, things did not get better there as she broke down crying because of the pain she was feeling. Tori even called out Zachary for not being there for her. She joked that Zachary was busy lying on the couch and sleeping while the nurses came in to help her. 

Zachary tried to justify his actions by stating that he did not know how bad things were. Despite the joking around, Tori admitted she was happy to have another child. However, she made it clear that she was not ready to have another child. On hearing this, Zachary laughed as he stated he is already ready to have baby number three. Zachary has always wanted to have more children, but Tori did not feel the same as she had to be the one to go through the pregnancy for nine months and then take care of breastfeeding. The pair decided to look forward to raising their new child while keeping the thoughts about having another baby on hold.

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