'Little People Big World' star Matt Roloff blames TV editing for bad portrayal of his relationship with ex-wife

Matt and Amy Roloff's relationship ended and it was all showcased on the show but he says there is a bigger picture than what the viewers got to see

                            'Little People Big World' star Matt Roloff blames TV editing for bad portrayal of his relationship with ex-wife
Matt and Amy Roloff (Getty Images)

TV stars Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff decided to separate in 2016 and their show 'Little People, Big World' captured their falling out. However, as it turns out, Matt believes that viewers did not get to see the full story about their relationship. He said that he and his ex-wife, Amy get along better than what people get to see on television. 

In an interview on the podcast First Class Fatherhood, Matt confessed that most of the time the situation is painted to be different than it is and the blame goes to the editing done by TLC. 

He said that there’s “a lot of [time] compression” which can make it appear as though they are “always at each other’s throats and it’s not quite that way.”

He further revealed that one of the reasons for this could be the fact that they try to put a lot of months' work into one-hour shows that last for a couple of weeks. 

In an interview, he further explained that the shooting for the show takes place for eight months but viewers get to watch the show only for eight weeks. This leaves them with the option of cutting out things and choosing the ones that would suit and attract the audience. 

“Let’s say Amy and I are arguing about something. We’ve been getting along for six months and then we have another argument, well they throw those two arguments into one episode,” Matt explained with an example. "Just the nature of television puts out a different impression," he added. 

Matt admitted that he felt at times telling the viewers “if only you knew this" once he looks at what people have been talking online after watching the show. Despite this, he never felt the need to come forward and clear things as, over some time, Matt says that he and his family got used to being in the spotlight.

“We appreciate all of our fans … we love the people who are interactive with us,” he said. “But, we also realize some people they just get it wrong sometimes.” The show is all set to come back for another season and just like its previous seasons, even this one promises to entertain its viewers. 

'Little People Big World' airs on March 31 at 9 pm ET on TLC. 

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