'Little People, Big World': Amy Roloff can't wait for future with Chris Marek and focus on life after Matt

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek are all set to move in together and it looks like she has finally found her happily ever after following her divorce with Matt

                            'Little People, Big World': Amy Roloff can't wait for future with Chris Marek and focus on life after Matt
Chris, Matt and Amy (TLC)

Amy and Matt Roloff's relationship came to an end in 2015 and it shocked the world. The pair had been together for decades and when they first announced the news of their split, many found it hard that they decided to split. Matt had admitted that he and Amy were two different individuals but did a good job of raising their children. 

Matt was vocal about how he saw commitment differently than Amy. While Amy had always been a person who was gave it her all in a relationship, Matt, on the other hand, did not prioritize it to the extent that Amy would appreciate it. Over the years, their relationship slowly started deteriorating and they made the decision it would be best to head their separate ways. Soon after their separation, the pair were quick to get into the dating game. Matt started dating their Roloff farm manager, Caryn Chandler and Amy started dating Chris Marek. 

Even though people doubted if Matt had cheated on Amy with Caryn, they were quick to forget all about it as the pair continued their life separately. Throughout the show, Amy had been vocal about her commitment to Chris and how different she felt being with him. She revealed she was happy to know that his friends were her friends and thought there was a level of comfort between each other. As time went by, Chris knew it was the perfect moment to propose Amy. The pair got engaged on their third anniversary and Amy could not control her emotions. 

She counted days until they could move in together and was quick to reveal she had never been so happy. Talking to her gal pals, Amy had admitted that Chris tried to make all her wishes come true while paying close attention to everything she was saying. In fact, Matt too believed Chris would be a better husband to Amy than him. After Amy revealed she was engaged, Matt admitted he was happy to welcome Chris into the family as he is someone who can handle Amy. With his emotional availability and charming personality, Chris was able to win Amy's heart and finally give her the relationship she had been waiting for. 

He also stole the hearts of all the viewers and even they thought Chris was better than Matt for Amy. "Amy was strong putting up with Matt Roloff all those years. You can see Chris is so much better for her.. Matt clearly is narcissistic," wrote one user. 

Another wrote, "Matt, is so critical of Amy; so glad for her she left your sorry ass. Chris is a much better partner for her. Karen is just waiting to cash the big check." A third wrote, "Matt said Chris will be a better husband than he was. I'm sure he will; I doubt he would cheat on her." 

While Amy and Matt's communication stays limited, it looks like Amy is all set to leave her past behind and focus on what is ahead. 

'Little People, Big World' airs on Tuesdays at 9 pm ET on TLC. 

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