'Little People, Big World': How big is the Roloff farm? Zachary decides to step up and buy Amy out

Zachary Roloff has many memories on the farm and he can see himself and his family living there and wonders if he should buy it

                            'Little People, Big World': How big is the Roloff farm? Zachary decides to step up and buy Amy out
Zachary (TLC)

The Roloff farm has been keeping some people up from sleeping at night. Ever since Amy Roloff decided to move out and start a life of her own, one big question that the family has been facing is what would happen to the farm? With Amy still owning half of the farm, Matt Roloff admitted it was important to decide what the future of the farm looked like. 

For a long time, Amy and Matt thought their son Jeremy Roloff would step in to buy the other half of the farm. However, it seems like there is another contender as Zachary Roloff revealed his interest in buying the other half of the farm. Zachary has always spent a large amount of his time at the farm, but his wish to buy half the farm came as a surprise to many. 

Matt and Amy always thought it would be Jeremy who would take over the farm. However, seeing Zachary's interest, they admitted it was time to think about the fate of the farm seriously. Zachary revealed he wanted to be a part of the farm as he had been spending a lot of time there. With his children growing and spending more time there, Zachary realized the important role the farm has been playing in his life. Keeping this in mind, he thought it would be a good idea to buy Amy out. However, Tori Roloff had some doubts about it. Tori admitted she felt stressed thinking about their life on the farm. 

She was uncertain if the relationship with Matt would change if they own the other half of the farm. Meanwhile, Zachary was sure that things would be fine as he did not mind being the Robin to his father. At the same time, when he stepped into the empty house, Zachary soon realized how much he wanted to be a part of it. 

The Roloff farm is described as "34 acres of possibility" in their official account. What once started as a small "fixer-upper" has now taken the form of a big farm that invites a countless number of visitors on different occasions. Right from having their infamous pumpkin season to private tours, the Roloff farm has been generating a steady income. With this in mind, it doesn't look like Zachary would back down from the idea of buying the farm. 

The season finale of 'Little People, Big World' aired on October 27 at 9 pm ET on TLC. 

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