'Little People, Big World': Matt reveals his relationship with Caryn is better after Amy moved out

'Little People, Big World': Matt reveals his relationship with Caryn is better after Amy moved out
Matt and Caryn (IMDb)

'Little People, Big World' is all set to premiere its latest episode and the viewers will get to see the ups and downs that the family faces. Another thing that the viewers can expect from this season is a look into Matt Roloff and his girlfriend Caryn Chandler's relationship. Matt and Caryn's relationship is in a better place ever since Amy Roloff started living away from the farm.

While Amy and Matt had gotten a divorce long back, one thing that was holding them together was the farm that the two shared together. Even though Matt had bought half of the farm, the other half still belonged to Amy and him. Despite this, Matt hinted that he is happier now that Amy had moved out of the farm. 

“When Matt was waiting for Amy to make all these decisions, it affected our relationship. I think more than either one of us or anybody realized,” Caryn confessed. “And I think since Matt owns his side of the farm, he’s just happier. But you know, Matt still owns that side of the farm with Amy, so we’re not done yet.”

Matt and Amy got a divorce in 2015 and it was two years after this that he started dating Caryn. Even though Amy has moved out of the farm, Caryn has made it clear that she is not interested in moving to the farm. 

“I might live on the farm one day if he builds. All that stuff is up for negotiation,” she said. “But I would never live in a big house. Ever. Put a pin in that.” Caryn hopes for Amy to buy a house soon as she believes it would help everyone. “I’m sure it’ll be healthier in many ways when Amy buys her home and settles elsewhere, just because there won’t be any of that friction," she said. 

Matt had previously hinted that he would love to buy the entire farm but Amy was not too open to that idea. She felt she would lose everything if she gave up on the house. However, looking at how keen Matt seems about buying the land, it seems like he is ready to put up a fight for it. 

Will this land be the reason for their relationship to fall out again? Only the upcoming season can answer this. 

'Little People, Big World' premieres on March 31, Tuesday, at 9 pm ET on TLC.

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