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'Little Fires Everywhere' Episode 4 will see Mia deal with the consequences of her lies

Episode 4 titled 'The Spider Web' will see if Mia Warren can successfully deal with the results of bringing Bebe to Linda and Mark's
Kerry Washington as Mia Warren (Hulu)
Kerry Washington as Mia Warren (Hulu)

In 'Little Fires Everywhere' episode 4, we will see if Elena Richardson (Reese Witherspoon) will find the truth about who led Bebe to Linda and Mark's residence on Mirabelle's birthday.

We saw in Episode 3 that it was Mia Warren (Kerry Washington) who had learned the truth about how Mirabelle was left in a fire station one cold winter day by her biological parents and the Shaker Heights officials had given the baby to Linda and Mark to care for her until the official adoption process goes through.

However, before the adoption is finalized, Linda and Mark throw a welcome party for Mirabelle and Mia is asked to assist with the arrangement. It is during this process that she learns Mirabelle is her colleague Bebe's daughter. Mia's only thought is for the baby to be with its rightful parents. Despite Bebe having abandoned her daughter once, Mia still believes that Mirabelle will be happiest with her biological mother. So she informs Bebe and that leads to a messy confrontation between Bebe, Linda, and Mark.

What Elena is unaware of at the moment is the fact that it was Mia who had informed Bebe about the baby and where she was at the moment. However, in Episode 4, we can expect Elena to find the truth about who led Bebe to Linda's residence and in doing so, her already constrained relationship with Mia is going to go under the wringer. While Mia might not be too affected by what Elena has to say, Pearl has begun to think of Elena as the role model of mothers and even approaches her for help when she needs it. 

So when Elena does find the truth, it is going to be interesting to see how this revelation will change things for Pearl, Trip, Moody, and Izzy. We also have to see how Bebe is going to react to being kept away from her daughter. She is an illegal immigrant who has no means to lawyer up and represent herself in the court of law to fight for a custody battle. Will Mia take responsibility for the same or would she let Bebe go through it all alone just as she went to confront Linda and Mark by herself.

While the adults have their own drama to deal with, the kids in Shaker Heights are also dealing with stressful situations. Especially Izzy. In Episode 3, Izzy had tried to fit in with the crowd at her high school and had tried to attend the school dance. She had also tried to make out with a boy in an attempt to prove that she was not lesbian as the rumormongers at school suggested but she gets tired of the act very soon and finds herself at Mia's door. So it would be great to see where this leads.

The show has also hinted at a love triangle between Pearl, Trip, and Moody and we will see how Moody reacts to Pearl's increased nonchalance towards him. 

New episodes of 'Little Fires Everywhere' drop on Wednesdays on Hulu.