'Toy Story 4': Did Disney's Little Bo Peep really need a dress change to show her transformation into a more confident person?

The character of Little Bo Peep has been in the picture for a long time but is a sudden change in appearance always needed to show a change in personality?

                            'Toy Story 4': Did Disney's Little Bo Peep really need a dress change to show her transformation into a more confident person?

Disney has always been a flag bearer of righteousness and keeping in mind that most of its movies are aimed at children, it never fails to create characters that are idealistic.  Recently, Disney debuted some of its upcoming movies during the Super Bowl LIII and one among them was the much-awaited 'Toy Story 4'. The trailer opens up with the toys finding themselves in the middle of a carnival and while Buzz lands himself in trouble, Woody and Bo Peep are seen waiting for their dear friend. Even though the trailer promises a film that is going to be filled with adventures, one thing that catches the eye is the new attire of Little Bo Peep. Bo Peep has been one of the oldest characters in the film but now it seems like the audiences will have to get used to seeing a new persona of the shepherd girl. 



If you are finding it hard to remember how she was, let us do the honors of taking you down the memory lane. During the first part of the film, we see Bo Peep as a potential love interest for Woody. With her charming, warm and loving personality there is also a glimpse of a shy and timid girl that the viewers get to see and it is in an instant that she wins us all over.  Alongside her loveable demeanor, we also see the strong bond she shares with Woody throughout the film. 

Despite having everyone around her portraying Woody as the antagonist, it was Bo Peep who stood by her friend. One can say that it was her shy and caring nature that brought in a touch of sweetness that the movie needed. But in Toy Story 3, she was noticeably absent from the scene and as Woody had put it earlier on ' the gang had got lost somewhere along the way'. "Bo's taken control of her own destiny," says Josh Cooley, director of Toy Story 4. "While Woody was watching Andy grow up, Bo gathered dust until she took it upon herself to head out into the world. And when Woody shows up, they can't believe that they've found each other again

With 'Toy Story 4', it looks like Disney has shaken things up a bit. Our favorite shepherd girl is back but unlike the previous movies, Bo Peep seems to have ditched her white and pink polka-dotted dress for a much snazzier purple cape and blue jumpsuit, even her staff looks leaner and taller with a few rings added to it for effect.  



Right from her dressing sense to her personality, we see a side to her that we haven't ever seen before.  It is almost like we are meeting her other personality who is confident, strong with a completely different dressing style. But, the main question comes, was it necessary to change the way she looked in order to show her confidence? We have always had Disney movies telling us to be proud of who we are and staying true to ourselves and for this very reason, we wish Disney had kept some things just the way they were. 

While there is no doubt that we love the confident and independent side of Bo Peep, we wish the creators of the film had not changed the way she has been portrayed ever since its inception. Dressed in a pink and a white dress along with her shepherd's crook, we always knew that she had more in her than what meets the eye. There have been a number of other female characters in the Disney franchise who have also undergone personality changes, much like Bo Peep has. 

For instance, Pocahontas, the daughter of the native American Paramount chief who is shy but definitely fierce. During the second installment of the movie, 'Pocahontas II: Journey to a new world', we see Pocahontas sailing to London in order to stop a potential fight in her village. At the beginning of the film, we find her trying hard to fit in with the rest.  Right from the type of jewelry she wore to the dress she chose, everything was shown in the perspective of making her look more "civilized".  However, it is during the end of the film that we see Pocahontas owning herself. 

Stepping back into her own attire and being proud of who she is, Pocahontas is seen winning over people with her personality.  She makes every girl believe that one does not have to change themselves to fit in or change the way they look to feel more confident. Pocahontas was a true definition of being proud of who one is and letting the world see it.  While there is no doubt that we love the way Disney has brought back the character of Bo Peep for its fourth installment of the film, we just wish they would have decided to keep her signature attire and shown her transformation into this fierce warrior in their upcoming movie. 

'Toy Story 4' will hit the theatres on June 21.  

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