Teens who strangled and stabbed 47-year-old Litchfield mother to death chanted 'murder gang' in detention

Teens who strangled and stabbed 47-year-old Litchfield mother to death chanted 'murder gang' in detention

Three teenagers have been charged in the death of a Litchfield woman named Kimberley Mironovas. The trio reportedly stabbed and strangled the 47-year-old woman. The three were also reported to have chanted "murder gang" or "MG" while they were being detained at the Long Creek Youth Development Center. They are said to have made stabbing motions while doing so, the prosecutor, Assistant Attorney General Meg Elam told the court. Staff at Long Creek confirmed the details. The incident took place in April 2018 but this detail came forth during testimony on Thursday, June 20. The victim was found dead.

William Smith, one of three teens charged in the killing of Kimberley Mironovas (Twitter)

The three teens, Lukas Mironovas, William Smith, both 16-year-olds, and 14-year-old Thomas "TJ" Severance, are in custody for the alleged murder of the woman, who also happened to be Lukas' mother. Smith will be tried as an adult or remain in the juvenile justice system. Severance, who was 13 during the killing pleaded guilty to a charge of conspiracy to commit murder and will remain at Long Creek till he is 21. Prosecutors want Lukas to also be tried as an adult, but the hearing for it hasn't been scheduled. 

The trio is said to have plotted to kill Kimberley after she had found out that the teens had stolen some marijuana from her bedroom while she was away at school. The mother and son had recently moved to Maine from Ashland, Massachusetts and often had his other friends paying him a visit.

The plan was hatched while they were on a dog walk. They planned to crush her prescription pills in her drink and she had reportedly alleged that the trio wanted to slit her throat to make it look like she had killed herself. However, when the first plan did not go through, Lukas and Smith put on gloves and a mask and went up to Kimberley's room where they found her sleeping. They strangled her while Lukas stabbed his mom in the neck.


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