Lisa Armstrong seems to be sending a secret signal to Ant McPartlin with her new profile picture

Lisa Armstrong has undergone a drastic transformation and seems to have some newfound self-confidence.

                            Lisa Armstrong seems to be sending a secret signal to Ant McPartlin with her new profile picture
Ant McPartlin and Lisa Armstrong (Source: Getty Images)

Lisa Armstrong's change in profile picture on Twitter looks to be full of secrets. The 41-year-old looked absolutely gorgeous in her latest selfie which shows off her new pink hair-do. She was seen wearing just the right of amount of makeup and looked as radiant as ever.

Lisa went on to share that the candyfloss colored hair which is part of her new makeover has a special meaning to her romance. She also revealed the secret meaning in a tweet which read:

After months of torment and bumpy roads, Lisa is finally being able to love herself again. Her poker and straight face along with her newfound style show that she's trying to be strong and face it as it comes.

Recently, Lisa couldn't help but miss Ant McPartlin. She stumbled across a throwback picture of Ant alongside his colleague and good friend Declan Donnelly. The picture was uploaded with the caption, "Here's a beautiful photo of Ant and Dec."

She went on to 'like' the photo and shared that she still holds a special place in her heart for her ex despite the fact they are in the middle of being separated. Lisa Armstrong also publicly 'liked' a post which spoke of the passing of emotional pain. She also endorsed a fan message which read, "You're one special lady. I'm drawn to you. Your eyes tell a lot about your feelings...your sadness will get better."

This flood of support comes very recently after reports that her estranged husband will reunite with Declan Donnelly for a special 30th-anniversary option. Whether the special airs or not will mark Ant's comeback to TV after he was found guilty of drunk driving earlier this month. 

Ant also shocked many fans after he announced his split with Lisa and came clean on how he put his partner of 23-years through hell because of his many mood swings and depression.