Estranged wife Lisa Armstrong is waging a one-sided Twitter war on Ant McPartlin's new girlfriend

The make-up artist found out that her ex-husband is dating his personal assistant Anne-Marie Corbett, whom she considered a friend, online.

                            Estranged wife Lisa Armstrong is waging a one-sided Twitter war on Ant McPartlin's new girlfriend
Lisa Armstrong (Getty Images)

It has been a rough year for Ant McPartlin. The life of one part of the Ant & Dec presenting duo unravelled after he was involved in a drunk-driving incident on March 18.

He was forced to take two trips to rehab, go on a professional sabbatical and received a drunk-driving charge. All this while his marriage to Lisa Armstrong also fell apart.

Despite all this, it seemed like he finally found a place of love and happiness after The Sun revealed on Sunday that he is in a relationship with his personal assistant Anne-Marie Corbett.

But it looks like the coast is not completely clear yet for the TV personality. Almost immediately after news broke about Ant's new romance, Lisa took to social media to make a couple of hostile comments. Anne-Marie is reportedly “hurt and angry” by the way Lisa is publicly portraying Anne-Marie’s relationship with Ant.

Lisa took to Twitter to give Anne-Marie a piece of her mind. She accused Anne-Marie of breaking the girl code; she even used several breaking heart emojis. Sources close to Ant showed their disappointment over Lisa publicly slamming of Corbett.

They said that is was unfair for Lisa to frame their relationship as a betrayal considering she never got along with Anne-Marie anyway.

Speaking to The Sun, a friend said: “Anne-Marie is really upset at the way Lisa is trying to portray them as great friends. It’s really unfair – she’s trying to make out this is some sort of betrayal, but that just isn’t the case. She hated working for Lisa and they didn’t get on well at all. They often clashed.”

The friend said that “Anne-Marie’s biting her tongue, but she’s hurt and angry by the way this is playing out from Lisa’s end.”

Though Ant’s friends are voicing their disapproval of Lisa’s social media outburst, Lisa has fans of her own that are showing her support on social media. One fan wrote, “If it’s true I would have hoped out of respect to you that he didn’t let you find out from the media…you deserve better than that!"

The makeup artists followed up to say that she was in fact not forewarned about her ex-husbands new romance and had read the news online just like her fans.

Another fan tweeted, “So much for the girl code. Keep that gorgeous dignified chin held high. Wishing you nothing but happiness in the future.” Retweeting the message from her follower, Lisa commented: “Exactly!! x.” 

Lisa also responded to a follower who claimed that Ant was “hiding someone all along,” writing: “Yeah my friend and OUR PA who I let into OUR home.”

A handful of celebrities have also taken to social media to support Lisa. Nicola McLean wrote: "Sending my love Lisa!! Really feel for you worst pain ever." Lisa replied saying: “Thanks babe and to think she was MY friend!” 

Actress Clare Buckfield is also one of them. Clare used to date Declan Donnelly, who has co-presented several shows with Ant. Clare and Lisa became close when they were both dating Ant and Dec. 

Clare retweeted a message sent to Lisa on her Twitter account today which read: “Love you doll - you'll be OK promise. Me and Clare Buckfield will make sure of that.” The star also posted the message on her own Twitter and commented: “Always.” 

A source told The Sun that Ant and Anne-Marie connected after she helped him get back on his feet after his stay in rehab and drunk driving charge. The source said, “Anne-Marie’s put him back together again. Everyone’s thrilled he’s found someone to love. He’s had a tough time of it, but Anne-Marie has put a smile back on his face again. She has been his rock.”

After hearing about Anne-Marie’s romance with Ant, apart from shaming Anne-Marie on Twitter, Lisa has also started following Anne-Marie’s ex-husband Scott Corbett on Twitter. Anne-Marie has two children with her ex-husband.

Lisa also revealed to The Sun recently that she intends to take Ant for every penny in their divorce after discovering her ex-husband’s new romance with his personal assistant.

A source close to Lisa said, “The gloves are off. I will take him for every penny.” The source added: “Lisa has suspected something was going on for quite some time and feels let down by Anne-Marie.” 

It seems like Lisa is enranged and heartbroken after hearing that Ant had started seeing someone less than six months after they revealed they were going to go their separate ways. Ant was quite upset to announce this breakup back in January, but it seems like he has moved on fairly quickly.