Lisa Armstrong's friend slams Ant McPartlin's "appalling behavior," urges presenter to "go back to rehab"

Craig Robert Young, Armstrong's bandmate in Deuce, has gone on a Twitter rant about Ant McPartlin's appalling behavior

                            Lisa Armstrong's friend slams Ant McPartlin's "appalling behavior," urges presenter to "go back to rehab"
Ant McPartlin (Source:Getty Images)

Since Ant McPartlin announced his separation from her in January, wife of 11-years Lisa Armstrong has shied away from media and maintained a dignified silence on the pair's private, personal matters. However, it appears as though close friend Craig Robert Young has no such qualms, going on a Twitter tirade about McPartlin's "appalling behavior" and urging him to check himself back into rehab.

According to the Daily Mail, Armstrong only recently returned home to the UK after spending time with Young over the past few weeks, with Young's rant making it quite apparent that she had quite a few things to say about McPartlin to her former Deuce bandmate. But unlike his close friend, Young made little attempt to hold back his true feelings on the matter.

Replying to an article that insisted 'Ant McPartlin is not a victim...he's just rather unpleasant,' Young wrote: "I couldn't agree more. He may have issues, but ultimately, he is responsible for his appalling behavior. I do believe drugs and alcohol addiction is an illness but it's not an excuse for such utter disregard for good humans."

He continued: "Go back to rehab, lose the enablers, the cheaters, the a***lickers. Take responsibilities for your actions. Once you have done the work, in a few years you might come to realize the pain you have caused and the irreparable wounds that can't heal, and you will no doubt be full of remorse. But something tells me it might be too late #sorrynotsorry."

Despite Armstrong's silence, it wouldn't have taken much to predict her thoughts on her estranged husband. The one occasion she had addressed the hot topic was to confirm that she knew nothing of McPartlin's romance with her former personal assistant Anne-Marie Corbett until their fling became public. She even hit out at the 42-year-old, saying they were previously friends.

A botched knee surgery in 2015 left the television presenter taking prescription drugs to combat the pain. The course of the next two years saw him become addicted to drugs and alcohol, eventually resulting in him checking himself into rehab in June 2017. However, at the time, it had appeared as though his marriage with Armstrong had withstood those difficult times.

The announcement of his impending divorce with the make-up artist came a little over six months later and then in March 2018, he was involved in a road traffic accident in London. He was arrested on suspicion of drink driving and subsequently suspended from his presenting duties at ITV. He was later found guilty of driving while above legal limits, fined a whopping £86,000 and banned from driving for 20 months.