World's most-watched porn star Lisa Ann urges Elon Musk to BAN porn on Twitter!

World's most-watched porn star Lisa Ann urges Elon Musk to BAN porn on Twitter!
Porn star Lisa Ann

Lisa Ann, a former adult film star, has encouraged Elon Musk to use his power to ban porn from Twitter as the businessman is all set to take over the social platform. Ann has urged the tycoon to do so in order to protect children. 

Lisa Ann was one of the most well-known porn actors in the world in the 1990s, acting as politician Sarah Palin in spoof sequences and winning numerous industry awards. The star left the adult industry in 2014 to pursue a career in television, as well as manage an OnlyFans page where she recycles old videos for fans to view. Despite her success in the industry, she recently advocated for the restriction of access to sexual content during a monologue on her Dudes Do Better podcast.


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"Yes, I did porn for many years of my life, and I'm not hiding my past as people tell me every day on social media when I'm wearing clothes," Ann said. "I'm just evolving, and we're all allowed to evolve. So my disdain for porn on social media has nothing to do with porn, other than the fact that you are sharing it on platforms that have no age gate."


With the exception of Instagram, Twitter enables users to share consensually created pornographic content, although the content may be restricted for those under the age of 18 or those who do not provide a birth date on their profiles. 

Ann said, "Twitter is the largest distributor of illegal content to minors in the world, something I really hope Elon Musk takes a step ahead and says, 'we're not doing this anymore,' and if we are, you'll have to enter in your birthday, there will be an ID situation, there will be levels to this s***, that's what I'm hoping for." Elon claimed that he had reached an agreement with the company for a staggering £34 billion, adding that the purchase was not made "to sort of make money."


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