Is Lionel Messi headed to Manchester City? As superstar's set to leave Barcelona, football teams on high alert

City fans were an optimistic lot after a report said manager Pep Guardiola was in talks with the Barca forward over the possibility of a move

                            Is Lionel Messi headed to Manchester City? As superstar's set to leave Barcelona, football teams on high alert
Lionel Messi (Getty Images)

The football world was in for a shock when Lionel Messi told Barcelona he wants to leave the club this summer. According to sources who confirmed the news to ESPN, the club was notified about Messi's decision and they responded by telling the star they wanted him to stay. The 33-year-old has an existing contract upto 2021. The site added he was unhappy with the events that unfolded at Camp Nou in recent times.

This piece of news may have broken Barcelona fans' hearts, but the potential exit news already had other fans discussing where Messi would move next. We look at some of the choice options that fans have been talking about. Up first was Arsenal, except some felt the club can't afford Messi. But no hopes were lost. "Arsenal fans.. Make this happen. Let's hound him til he signs! Let's get this over the line #COYG," a fan wrote.


Manchester United fans hoped the team would pull Messi in. Except it was met by a barrage of reactions by other fans who said this was next to impossible. 


Tottenham Hotspur fans weren't far behind either. "We need a backup striker," a fan said posting an image of Messi in the Spur jersey. Photoshopped obviously.


City fans had one thing to say and they sounded mighty optimistic about it: "Manchester City is his home."


And for good reason. A recent ESPN report said City's manager, Pep Guardiola spoke to Messi last week to discuss the possibility of him moving to City. The site also added that City were running the numbers to see if they could bring in the forward as part of their setup. Guardiola and Messi have spent four years together at Barca between 2008 and 2012. While City fans were sincerely hoping for a Messi update, Chelsea fans had their theories as well.

"There’s a reason Chelsea let Willian go to free up the number 10 jersey #WelcomeMessi," a fan wrote.


Irrespective of the team, some felt it was about time he joined the English Premier League. "It's long overdue, he should join $EPL the toughest football league n prove beyond any doubt that he is GOAT I wd be happy if he plays under Klopp not Pep," a fan wrote.



Where do you think Messi will move to next?

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