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Lindsey Graham likes Trump for allowing him to be 'in his world', Internet calls senator 'beyond pathetic'

Graham added that Trump has 'a damn good chance of getting reelected again based on what the Democrats are doing to the country'
Donald Trump looks on as Lindsey Graham speaks during an event (Getty Images)
Donald Trump looks on as Lindsey Graham speaks during an event (Getty Images)

In yet another statement showing his support for former president Donald Trump, GOP Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina said that the Republican Party belongs to Trump and is grateful that he has "allowed me to be in his world." And this latest statement is not flying all too well on Twitter where many are calling Graham names. 

In an interview on Fox News on Monday, March 1, while going on and on about his and Trump's close relationship, Graham told host Sean Hannity about some of Trump's possible plans for the future.


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"I actually like President Trump, he's been very nice to me, he's allowed me to be in his world, he allows me to give my two cents worth on issues when he was president," he said.

"This is his party," Graham continued. "If you don't get that, you missed a lot at [the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC)]. Donald Trump has the nomination right now and nobody can take it away from him if he wants to run". He had earlier teased that Trump is 'ready to move on and rebuild the Republican Party' and is 'excited about 2022'.

Lindsey Graham leaves after a news conference at the US Capitol (Getty Images)

Graham added that "I think he's got a damn good chance of getting reelected again based on what the Democrats are doing to the country".

Trump, who took the stage on Sunday, February 28 for the first time since leaving office, was very critical of President Joe Biden at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), where he promised to Make America Great Again and hinted about the possibility of running again in 2024. "Actually you know they just lost the White House, I may even decide to beat them for a third time," he said.


At the conference, Trump called for Republican Party unity and dismissed the claims doing the rounds that he will start his own party. "I'm going to continue to fight right by your side. We’re not starting new parties," he said. "We have the Republican Party. It's going to be strong and united like never before."

For Trump, Graham says, the next biggest test is the 2022 midterm elections. "Let's make sure we have our best candidates on the field, let's don't have primaries of people who've been good Republican conservatives, let's unite," he said. "That sets the stage for a 2024 comeback."

Donald Trump speaks to supporters at Joint Base Andrews (Getty Images)

Praising Trump's presence at the CPAC, Graham said, "Did you find one person at CPAC that criticized Donald Trump? I thought it was amazing that we have so many people wanting to be president but not one person would say anything bad about him. That tells you a lot about the strength of Donald Trump".

'This is just beyond pathetic'

Twitter is calling Graham names. "@LindseyGrahamSC is so pathetic. It’s sad," one said. "'He's allowed me to lick his loafers until they glisten like an South Carolinian swamp sunset, it's a true honor,'" another said mocking the Republican. "'He always scratched and petted me and told me I was a good boy, unless I messed on the floor, then I got my nose rubbed in it," another user said along the same lines.




The fact the Graham would still vouch for Trump and his comeback is not being taken well on social media. "Sad, desperate, fealty, and just damn strange. He forgets his actual real feelings he said on the senate floor after the insurrection. He's one of the worst enablers...."Another user tweeted, "This is just beyond pathetic." "My god man, have some dignity," a user tweeted. 




A split GOP

As Trump left the White House, the Republican Party was split between his loyal supporters and those wanting to limit his grip. But Trump is more popular than ever — in last week's USA Today/Suffolk poll, 46 percent of Trump voters said they would leave the Republican Party to join his new party if he decides to start one. According to the poll, just 27 percent said they would stay back.