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Lindsey Graham backs Trump and declares Biden-Harris path leads to socialism, Internet says he 'might go down'

After Graham aired his views on Twitter, a social media user responded saying, 'Anyone who supported trump needs to suffer the consequences'
(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Senator Lindsay Graham has been in the news lately in the run-up to South Carolina’s Senate race. The Cook Political Report on August 16 moved its forecast of South Carolina’s Senate race, suggesting that Graham might be facing stiff competition from Democratic challenger Jaime Harrison. The report mentioned that the race has tightened as Harrisson has proven himself to be a fundraising contender amid a favorable electoral climate for Democrats, driven by Covid-19 and a fresh focus on racial injustice, as per an analysis of Cook’s Senate editor Jessica Taylor.

The analysis by the Cook report has been taken by media organization pretty seriously who are asking if Graham could be soon out of his job as his seat moves towards Democrats. Politicus USA suggested that Graham might have made the “worst” mistake by aligning with Trump as the president’s support is eroding even in Red States like South Carolina. It further mentions that Graham’s “Trump lifeboat” may turn the anchor around his neck that might as well sink the incumbent Senator. 

President Donald Trump speaks to Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) during an event about judicial confirmations in the East Room of the White House on November 6, 2019 in Washington, DC. More than 150 of the president's federal judicial nominees have been confirmed by the Republican-controlled Senate. (Getty Images)

Despite such reports, Graham took to Twitter on August 17 backing Trump and tweeting that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris' path might lead to socialism. "I’m sure I’ve left out many other things….but not a bad first term. Unlike John Kasich I believe we are on the right path with President Trump. The Biden-Harris path leads to socialism at home and weakness abroad. Apparently, John Kasich doesn't understand that," he tweeted. 


He took a jibe at Bernie Sanders too in another tweet suggesting that if his "socialist economic policies, pacifist foreign policy, and weakness on law and order became normal" then America will be at the mercy of God. 


Then he attacked Obama's tenure mentioning that his rule came with a lot of social, political, and geopolitical turbulence so we must not go on that path now. “I remember a slow-growth economy, a weakened military, ISIS raging, Iran emboldened, China eating our lunch, businesses struggling, and out-of-control illegal immigration. Those are not the good old days to go back to”, he tweeted. 



He praised Trump’s rule by mentioning in subsequent tweets that POTUS has appointed conservative judges, rebuilt the military, destroyed ISIS. He further added that Trump cut taxes and regulations, secured the border, negotiated new trade deals, passed criminal justice reform, reset the Middle East and is now standing up to China.


But it seems like the Internet disagrees with Graham’s views about Trump. “Neither do you lady G I live in South Carolina which you are supposed to represent and I can honestly say you don't understand a damn thing about us,” tweeted an enraged user.  


“Lady G is literally arguing that without the first black president we would not have the most racist "president" in decades,” wrote another user. 


“So Lady G aka Lindsey Graham has just Confirmed what I've said all along. We are Witnessing a bunch of old, white, racist Republicans having a hissy fit because how dare America twice elect a Black president who restored America after their f**k up. Thanks, Lady G!” a user retorted over Graham’s remark on Obama.  


Others lamented Graham’s support of Trump, who they believe is responsible for the economic downturn and mishandling of the pandemic. “Ahh, Lady G. Things are so much better now thanks to your orange master. 170,000 dead and counting, millions out of work, a crumbling economy, foreign govts putting bounties on soldiers heads, Russia interference in elections. But hey, your party is in power so who cares right?” 


Some wrote that Graham is going to suffer "consequences" if he goes on supporting Trump. “Lady G might go down. The long-time Republican Senate seat is leaning Democratic again. @harrisonjaime could very well be the first Democrat elected to the Senate in South Carolina since 1998. Anyone who supported trump needs to suffer the consequences.” 


Meanwhile, others opined that Harrison is a better candidate than Graham to be elected to Senate. “As much as I hate Lindsay Graham, I can't go with the Lady G crap. Just support Jamie Harrison. I think he's got a real shot at beating him.”