Liam Hemsworth shows no interest in Lindsay Lohan's flirty comment following his split from Miley Cyrus

Liam Hemsworth shows no interest in Lindsay Lohan's flirty comment following his split from Miley Cyrus
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Lindsay Lohan decided to leave a rather flirtatious note on a selfie that Chris Hemsworth had posted with his brother Liam Hemsworth recently. 

Chris had taken to Instagram to share several pictures of him, his wife Elsa Pataky, Liam and friends on a vacation. When the pictures were reposted on to an E! News account, it caught the eye of the 'Freaky Friday' star. E! had captioned the picture, "It's an age-old debate: Chris or Liam Hemsworth? GO!" 

Lohan responded to the picture saying, "Why didn't we meet in Sydney or Bondi?!" According to a report by Hollywood Life Life, a source shared, "Liam is not interested in Lindsay Lohan or anyone right now for that matter.

The source added, "Lindsay might be the nicest person in the world and Liam might get along with her if they ever met but he is not looking to start a friendship or relationship with her."


The source continued that the two are from two very different worlds and the chances of them ever being a "thing" are extremely slim and are highly unlikely. Another insider added that Lohan does not have any romantic interest in Liam and was just reaching out to be friendly.

Lohan's comment comes after Liam's split from his wife of less than a year Miley Cyrus. The pair had got married in December last year and split up very recently. The 29-year-old Liam and his 36-year-old brother Chris, have been spotted out and about in Australia surfing and hitting the beach. 

Reports have claimed that Liam had found out about the end of his seven-month marriage with Cyrus over social media. According to Page Six, a source claimed that Liam was not ready to tell everyone about their separation and had been privately fighting to save his marriage. He has kept a relatively low profile ever since the split was announced. 

He had made a short public statement on August 13 to say "Just a quick note to say that Miley and I have recently separated and I wish her nothing but health and happiness going forward. This is a private matter... Peace and Love."


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