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'Hope we don’t meet in another life': Chicago man Yaer Shen left chilling note before killing pregnant GF

Yaer Shen admitted to killing his girlfriend, Billian Fang, hiding her body, and knowingly killing their unborn child
Yaer Shen (L) allegedly strangled Bilian Fang (R) to death (Cook County State's Attorney and Chicago Police)
Yaer Shen (L) allegedly strangled Bilian Fang (R) to death (Cook County State's Attorney and Chicago Police)

Warning: This content contains a recollection of crime and can be triggering to some, readers' discretion is advised.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS: A Lincolnwood restaurant owner, 46, has been accused of strangling a Chicago woman to death and then hiding her body. At the time of the murder, the woman was eight months pregnant with his child, prosecutors said.

Cook County Judge Mary Marubio denied bail to the suspect, Yaer Shen, on Thursday, November 3. He was charged with first-degree murder, intentional homicide of an unborn child, and concealing a homicidal death, Chicago police confirmed, according to Chicago Tribune.


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Slain Bilian Fang, 40, was last seen on October 9 in the 3000 block of South Lock Street near the city’s Chinatown neighborhood, prosecutors and a Chicago missing persons report revealed. Her body was discovered in suburban Stickney earlier this week. Police recovered a note along with Fang's body, where Shen had written in Cantonese, "I am sorry. I am not a good person. I made you suffer. I got scammed. I know it is irresponsible for me to leave you. I hope we don’t meet in another life.”

The murder of Bilian Fang

Prosecutors said Shen and Fang, who were dating, left the Lincolnwood restaurant owned by Shen and drove to his home. At the house, the two began arguing over money. Following the argument, late at night, Fang called her 14-year-old daughter using Shen’s cellphone because hers had allegedly been broken by him. She asked her to contact one of Fang's friends and tell him to pick her up at 36th Street and California Avenue, according to prosecutors.

When the friend reached the spot, Fang was nowhere to be seen. Her daughter called again and this time Shen answered, saying Fang “could go if she wanted to". When Fang called her daughter back, the teen heard Shen arguing with her mother. The daughter called again after midnight, but nobody answered this time. 

In the meantime, Shen and Fang had again boarded Shen's vehicle where they continued to fight while Shen drove. Fang reportedly slapped him in the face, following which Shen began choking her with his hands. When he let go, Fang was still conscious. They continued to fight, and worried Fang would call the police, Shen allegedly choked her again until she became unconscious.

Shen tried to perform CPR on Fang, but she stopped breathing. He subsequently dumped her body in a water reclamation area in Stickney. He went on to cover her with branches and throw her pink jacket into a wooded area, prosecutors and the Cook County medical examiner’s office said. 

Detectives tracked Shen down using cellphone data that night. They reportedly obtained videos of the suspect at several points, including on southbound I-55 and near Morton College near a soccer field. Fang's body was also fond of using the same cellphone data. Police recovered her pink jacket, which contained her identification, keys, cash, and the chilling note signed by Shen.

An autopsy revealed Fang died of multiple injuries from an assault. The medical examiner’s office said her death has been ruled a homicide. A separate autopsy conducted on the unborn child ruled the death a homicide. It was determined that the baby would have survived if it had been born at the time Fang was murdered. Shen, while in custody, told police he had done very bad things” and wanted to kill himself but could not do it. He also said he did not turn himself in as he was afraid of going to prison.