'Hellboy': Release date, concept, tracklist and all you need to know about late rapper Lil Peep's final mixtape

The fifth and final mixtape by the artiste is all set to release on major streaming platforms exactly four years after it first dropped on SoundCloud

                            'Hellboy': Release date, concept, tracklist and all you need to know about late rapper Lil Peep's final mixtape
Lil Peep (Getty Images)

'Hellboy', the fifth and final mixtape by late rapper Lil Peep, is all set to release on major streaming platforms exactly four years after it first dropped on SoundCloud. Initially released by Peep on SoundCloud, 'Hellboy' is the mixtape that propelled the late rapper to mainstream popularity. A milestone in the genre of emo rap, Peep incorporated post-hardcore and indie rock elements on the mixtape and self-released it for free. The mixtape soon became a fan favorite and, in 2019, was ranked by Pitchfork at #193 in its list of 'The 200 Best Albums of the 2010s'. Before his untimely and tragic passing due to drug overdose, Peep released the track 'Girls' as the only single from the mixtape on January 4, 2017, along with a music video.



Announcing the availability of the mixtape on major streaming services, the official Lil Peep Twitter handle simply wrote, "HELLBOY - SEPTEMBER 25"


Release date

'Hellboy' will be available for streaming starting Friday, September 25, 2020. Apart from Lil Peep, who served as one of the producers on the mixtape, 'Hellboy' has been produced by some of the best up-and-coming modern hip-hop producers namely Brobak, Charlie Shuffler, Cian P, Dirty Vans, Horse Head, NEDARB, Smokeasac and Yung Cortex.


The title 'Hellboy' is a reference to the animated movie 'Hellboy Animated: Blood and Iron'. Explaining the idea behind the album, Peep, in a video interview to GQ, informed that he read 'Hellboy' comics as a kid and was a fan of the character as well as the movie.

Producer Smokeasac, explaining the idea behind the mixtape, said, "I remember when we made 'Hellboy'. He explained to me why he chose the name. He explained that it was because he knew that 'Hellboy' came off as intimidating and scary to some, but it was because he was like a book that was only judged by its cover. 'Hellboy' was actually a super hero who had a huge heart and that’s exactly what Peep was; a super hero with a humongous heart."

The album cover features Lil Peep standing in front of red background and looking down at the ground wearing a New Jersey Devils hockey shirt.


'Hellboy' is over 48 minutes in length and consists of 16 tracks:

​'Drive By' (ft Xavier Wulf)
​'The Song They Played [When I Crashed Into the Wall]' (ft Lil Tracy)
​'F**ked Up'
'Cobain' (ft Lil Tracy)
'Gucci Mane'
​'Worlds Away'
​​'Red Drop Shawty' (ft KirbLaGoop)
​'Girls' (ft Horse Head)
'Nose Ring'
'We Think Too Much'
'The Last Thing I Wanna Do'
'Walk Away As the Door Slams' (ft Lil Tracy)
'Move On, Be Strong'

Where to stream

You can stream 'Hellboy' on Deezer, Spotify and Apple Music.


Many fans were extremely glad that the mixtape is going to finally be available on streaming services. One fan, thanking Peep's mother and owner/manager of his estate, wrote, "We love you Liza!!! I was just thinking about how 'Hellboy' wasn’t on any streaming services and 10 minutes later this was tweeted. Best early bday present ever!" Another wrote, "Lil peep 'Hellboy' album coming out on Spotify. This album has helped me through so much I can't wait. Pretty much the only artist I listen to." A Peep fan, talking about how he was going to be the next big thing in hip-hop, wrote, "'Hellboy' getting rereleased reminds me that lil peep was about to be the biggest god damn star."







More fans chimed in as one, talking about their love for Peep, tweeted, "Hellboy really bout to drop on all platforms. This the tape that started my love for Peep back in 2016. Remember them day walking to school with "the song they played" blasting on my ears. Can’t believe it’s 2020 and I’m still bumping to this mixtape like it just dropped." "bro lil peep team dropping the whole hellboy album on spotify I acc am gonna cry," wrote another. Producer NEDARB, referring to the news, tweeted, "rly happy that 'Hellboy' finna be on all streaming platforms finally. 'Drive-By', 'OMFG', & 'We Think Too Much' all produced by me."







Lil Peep was active between 2014 and 2017. He died of an accidental fentanyl–alprazolam overdose. Ever since his death, Peep's fanbase and popularity grew significantly. His first posthumous release was his second album 'Come Over When You're Sober, Pt 2' followed by the documentary 'Everybody's Everything' along with a soundtrack featuring both released and unreleased tracks. These were followed by the EPs 'Vertigo' and 'Crybaby' which, just like 'Hellboy', was earlier not available on streaming services.

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